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Cheat Chaser - Cheat Codes for Classic Gaming Platforms



The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Start With 0 ContinuesAAZA-AAEE
Start With 1 ContinuesAEZA-AAEE
Start With 5 ContinuesAYZA-AAEE
Start With 9 ContinuesBEZA-AAEE
Continue With 1 PlaneAE2A-AAD6
Continue With 2 PlanesAJ2A-AAD6
Continue With 4 PlanesAT2A-AAD6
Continue With 5 PlanesAY2A-AAD6
Continue With No Extra MissilesAA2A-AAET
Continue With 10 Extra MissilesBJ2A-AAET
Continue With 25 Extra MissilesDE2A-AAET
Continue With 75 Extra MissilesKN2A-AAET
Infinite ContinuesAT2A-AA6C
Start With 1 PlaneAANA-AABL
Start With 2 PlanesAENA-AABL
Start With 4 PlanesANNA-AABL
Start With 5 PlanesATNA-AABL
Start With No MissilesAANA-AABW
Start With 10 MissilesBJNA-AABW
Start With 25 MissilesDENA-AABW
Start With 75 MissilesKNNA-AABW
Start With 100 MissilesNTNA-AABW
Start On Stage 2AKYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 3APYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 4AVYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 5AZYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 6A3YT-AAHT
Start On Stage 7A7YT-AAHT
Start On Stage 8BBYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 9BFYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 10BKYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 11BPYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 12BVYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 13BZYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 14B3YT-AAHT
Start On Stage 15B7YT-AAHT
Start On Stage 16CBYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 17CFYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 18CKYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 19CKYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 20CVYT-AAHT
Start On Stage 21CZYT_AAHT
Start On Stage 22C3YT-AAHT
Start On Stage 23C7YT-AAHT

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