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Army Men Advance - GBA Hints and Cheats

Game Review & Description

We’re setting the dial on our nostalgia machines to the golden age of the Game Boy Advance, a time when pixels were a badge of honor and battery life was the currency of champions. On this blast from the past, we spotlight Army Men Advance, a title that managed to shrink the vast battlefields of plastic warfare into a pocket-sized cartridge of joy.

Army Men Advance is a testament to the fact that great things come in small packages—or, in this case, small cartridges. Commanding your green plastic troops through the perilous terrains of backyards and kitchen floors has never felt more thrilling, especially when it’s condensed into a vibrant, 32-bit display. The game thrusts you into the boots of your plastic protagonists, Sarge and Vikki, as they embark on a mission to thwart the evil plans of the tan army, led by the dastardly Plastro.

The gameplay is a heady mix of action and strategy, requiring players to navigate through a series of top-down levels with the precision of a surgeon and the tactics of a chess master. Each mission is a miniature epic, packed with challenges that range from espionage to all-out assaults. The controls are crisp and responsive, making every jump, shot, and grenade toss an exercise in pixel-perfect precision.

Graphically, Army Men Advance is a kaleidoscope of nostalgia, boasting colorful environments and character sprites that pop out of the screen like miniatures come to life. The game takes full advantage of the GBA’s hardware, delivering visuals that are both charming and impressively detailed for a handheld game of its era.

But what’s a game without its Easter eggs and hidden secrets? Army Men Advance doesn’t skimp on the goodies, offering a bevy of unlockables and secrets that would make any completionist salivate. Whether it's discovering new weapons to decimate your plastic foes or unlocking secret levels that test your mettle, there’s always something more to strive for beyond the main campaign.

And let’s not forget the soundtrack—oh, the soundtrack! Composed of catchy midi tunes, it perfectly encapsulates the thrill and drama of miniature warfare. Each track is a tiny symphony, adding layers of atmosphere to the already engaging gameplay.

For those brave souls ready to dive into the fray and lead their green army to glory, be prepared for a challenge. Army Men Advance is as rewarding as it is demanding, with a difficulty curve that scales like Mount Everest. But fear not, for hidden within this plastic battleground are hints, tips, and cheat codes aplenty. These nuggets of knowledge are like finding a rare weapon in the heat of battle, giving you the edge needed to outmaneuver and outgun your tan adversaries.

In the annals of Game Boy Advance history, Army Men Advance stands as a shining example of how to distill the essence of fun into a form that fits in your pocket. So dust off that GBA, pop in the cartridge, and prepare for a blast from the past that proves some battles are timeless, especially when they’re fought by inch-high soldiers in a world that’s bigger than you remember. And for those in search of victory, remember, a trove of hints, tips, and cheat codes awaits to guide you to plastic glory.

Level Select

Enter NQRDGTPB as a password in order to unlock the level select feature. Passwords associated with individual levels are shown below:


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