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To enter the Blood Code wait for the screen that mentions codes at the beginning. While on this screen, press 2, 1, 2, DOWN, UP in sequence. If the code has been entered correctly, the message "Now Entering Kombat" should appear to indicate that the cheat is active.


The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Unlimited Time00B-40C-3BE
Each Round Is 29 Seconds023-7B4-C4E
Each Round Is 69 Seconds063-7B4-C4E
Unlimited Credits004-2D6-19E
Invincibility (player 1)003-48B-F79
Start With 50% Health (player 1)240-BFD-C4B
Start With 50% Health (player 2)240-C5D-C4B
Punches Do More Damage20B-06F-F7A
Most Kicks Do More Damage2CB-26F-C42
Foot Sweeps Do More Damage30B-86F-C42
Flying Punches Do More Damage30B-2EF-D5A
Uppercuts Do More Damage33B-56F-A2E
Throws Do More Damage2AF-237-D5A
Sonya Blade's Leg Grab Does More Damage2BB-76F-F7A
Scorpion's Harpoon Does More Damage2BB-66F-F7A
Rayden's Flying Thunderbolt Does More Damage2BB-6EF-F7A
Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick Does More Damage2BB-4EF-D56
Some Other Special Moves Do More Damage37B-36F-D52
Start On Match 201B-C9A-E6A
Start On Match 302B-C9A-E6A
Start On Match 403B-C9A-E6A
Start On Match 504B-C9A-E6A
Start On Mirror Match05B-C9A-E6A
Start On Endurance Match 106B-C9A-E6A
Start On Endurance Match 207B-C9A-E6A
Start On Endurance Match 308B-C9A-E6A
Start On Match Against Goro09B-C9A-E6A
Start On Match Against Shang Tsung0AB-C9A-E6A
Start With 1 Credit02B-E1A-F76
Start With 5 Credits06B-E1A-F76
Start With 10 Credits0BB-E1A-F76

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