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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Unlimited HP214-EBA-6E2
Start With 75 HP4BF-FAF-7FB
Start With 125 HP7DF-FAF-7FB
Start With 150 HP96F-FAF-7FB
Start With 50 Food50F-F5F-2AA
Start With 75 Food75F-F5F-2AA
Start With Maximum Food99F-F5F-2AA
Unlimited Food3AE-FBD-2A2
Start on Floor 2 As Ranger02F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 3 As Soldier03F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 4 As Warrior04F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 5 As Fighter05F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 6 As Swordsman06F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 7 As Veteran07F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 8 As Knight08F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 9 As Champion09F-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 10 As Hero0AF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 11 As Master0BF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 12 As Paladin0CF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 13 As Warlord0DF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 14 As Dragon Lord0EF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 15 As Avatar0FF-EDF-E6E
Start on Floor 16 As Master Lord10F-EDF-E6E

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