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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)22C5F54A00000002
Unlock Cheat Menu28AB27B100000001
Enable Cheat Menu and All 23 Cheats28AB27B100000001
Enable Mission TrackFCF9D43800000001
Enable Disco TrackD2D4C16100000001
Enable Warehouse TrackD2ECC16100000001
Enable Gauntlet TrackECCF5A2A00000001
Enable Oasis TrackBC66783300000001
Enable Presidio2CB321FB00000001
Enable Intermediate Circuit3D3566FA00000001
Enable Extreme Circuit601729FC00000001
Enable Advanced Circuit4C225D7400000001
Enable the Mass Cheat5EBB33A300000001
Enable the All Cars Cheat96184E0300000001
Enable the Invisible Car CheatF8A5D27200000001
Enable the All Parts CheatC9A3A30C00000001
Enable the Invisible Track CheatF8B9D27200000001
Enable the All Tracks CheatB8927E7900000001
Enable the Invisibility CheatD660C72B00000001
Enable the Auto-Abort CheatA873156500000001
Enable the Battle Paint Shop Cheat6A3F2FB500000001
Enable the Brakes Cheat28F327B100000001
Enable the Car Collisions Cheat719597F600000001
Enable the Car Mines CheatA84B156500000001
Enable the Cone Mines Cheat965C4E0300000001
Enable the Demolition Battle Cheat71CD97F600000001
Enable the Fog Color CheatF8E1D27200000001
Enable the Frame Scale CheatC99BA30C00000001
Enable the Random Weapons Cheat96044E0300000001
Enable the Resurrection In Place CheatE83B5C6000000001
Enable the Suicide Mode Cheat460A5B3D00000001
Enable the Super Speed CheatC9DFA30C00000001
Enable the Super Tyres Cheat376960B300000001
Enable the Tyre Scale CheatE8035C6000000001
Enable the Track Orientation CheatC9E7A30C00000001
Have Heavy Alloy Frame799191BF00000001
Have Standard Alloy Frame569735EA00000001
Have Light Alloy Frame568B35EA00000001
Have All-Terrain Tyres1538542C00000001
Have Off-Road TyresF349D43B00000001
Heaps of Stunt Points86BB8E3100000010
Invisibility (player 1)926809CC00000008

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