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Leprechaun Cornerman

Celebrate those St Patrick's Day punch-ups with a lil' old Irish touch. Hit X + L + R while on the character selection screen, and your cornerman will become a leprechaun. No word as to whether catching him will net you a pot of gold or not...

Removing the Pause Menu

Don't want on-screen distractions? Pause the game during a fight and hit X + Y simultaneously to remove the pause window.

Fight in Gym

Select 2P Arcade mode. Then hold L + R while selecting a fighter to clash in the gym, rather than the standard ring.

Clash in Championship Arena

Select 2P Arcade mode. Then hold R while choosing a fighter at the character selection screen to move straight into the championship ring.

Recover Energy

This cheat can be used by both players after a knockdown. When one of the fighters has hit the deck, rotate the analog pad and press the buttons rapidly to restore lost energy.

Rumble Mode Combos

Acquire the bonus letters "R-U-M-B-L-E" during a round. Then press A + B to initiate a fighter's powerful Rumble combo.

Silver-Class Boxers

Enter "RUMBLE BUMBLE" as a Gym name in Championship mode. Exit Championship mode and enter Arcade mode to unlock Bruce Blade. (This cheat also unlocks Kemo Claw.)

Taunt Opponent

Pro wrestlers know the value of psychological attacks. Hold X + A (or Y + B) to launch a scathing assault upon your opponent.

Extra Title Fights

Once you've beated the game with any player, instead of going to pick another player, simply select Title Fight. This allows you to put your built-up character to the test of moving up the ranks.

GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Unlimited Cash4F721DDA00001000
Unlimited Cash v1.1F4B1949F00000010
Infinite Fights (Boris)3E21265400000032
Start at Rank 2 (Boris)DF2B81CC00705040
Max Dexterity (Boris)4FA21DDA0000447A
Max Dexterity (Brown)49121DDA0000447A
Max Experience (Boris)9FB008E40000447A
Max Experience (Brown)7EEDD1110000447A
Max Stamina (Boris)175C14820000447A
Max Stamina (Brown)E72F1A870000447A
Max Strength (Boris)B10E389E0000447A
Max Strength (Brown)A76B53820000447A

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