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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

No Timeouts (away team)8113AA0400000000
Infinite Timeouts (away team)8113AA0400000003
Away Team Score 0447A38CD00000000
Away Team Score 100447A38CD00000064
Home Team Score 0680B4C4500000000
Home Team Score 100680B4C4500000064
Max AggressivenessAD6F0B6400000064
Max AgilityCCF7BD0D00000064
Max BallHandler Power MovesED37426100000064
Max BallHandler Finesse Run Fake1BD04C6400000064
Max Block Thrown Ball933C500200000064
Max Break Tackle32797EB200000064
Max Catch2D9F39B000000064
Max CoverageAD2B0B6400000064
Max Defensive Pass Rush74E989F700000064
Max Defensive Run Support74F589F700000064
Max Hold on Ball2DE339B000000064
Max Jumping AbilityCCEBBD0D00000064
Max Kick AccuracyADD30B6400000064
Max Kick PowerCC87BD0D00000064
Max Lower Body StrengthFD91CC7300000064
Max Upper Body StrengthED73426100000064
Max Open Run Rout4316453C00000064
Max Pass Arm StrengthCCB3BD0D00000064
Max Pass Blocking432E453C00000064
Max Pass Fake Ability/AccBD82607800000064
Max Pass Read CoverageED2B426100000064
Max Punt AccuracyFD05CC7300000064
Max Punt PowerD3C0D92A00000064
Max Run Blocking2DA739B000000064
Max SpeedAD5B0B6400000064
Max StatsAD5B4B6400006464
Max Tackle5BEF2DA200000064

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