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When setting your player's attributes, you can gain up to 10 or 11 bonus attribute points using this cheat. Simply move the attribute number all the way to 0 and then back to the top. This will give you 1 extra point. If you carry this out with all of them, you will gain several extra points (and a handy edge over your opponent).


If you feel like manipulating the crowd, this may be the ticket to keep you psyched up. To hush the crowd during the game, select the quarterback and hit the X button before the snap. If you'd prefer a boisterous crowd, select an offensive linebacker and hit X before the snap.


Enter LARD at the Codes screen.


By entering SQUEEKY at the Codes screen, the games commentators will sound as though they've inhaled a truckload of helium.


Enter SUPERSTARS at the Codes screen to activate.


Enter DEDMAN at the Codes screen to initiate the slow-motion speed setting. TURBO may be entered to instead launch the turbo speed setting. These may later be toggled within the "Game Speed" menu.

GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Zero Time-Outs (away team)CC6BFFA600000000
Zero Time-Outs (home team)CC6BFFA600000000
Infinite Time-Outs (away team)CC6BFFA600000003
Infinite Time-Outs (home team)EDB700CA00000003
Away Team Scores 07405CB5C00000000
Home Team Scores 0938812A900000000
Away Team Scores 1007405CB5C00000064
Home Team Scores 100938812A900000064
Max AggressivenessFC894DE93F800000
Max AgilityCEBB3C973F800000
Max BallHandler Power Moves75D5086D3F800000
Max BallHandler Finesse Run FakeAC338AFE3F800000
Max BlockD2A858B03F800000
Max Break TackleBF76E1E23F800000
Max CatchFCF94DE93F800000
Max Coverage33A1FF283F800000
Max Defensive Pass Rush5A47AC383F800000
Max Defensive Run SupportAC838AFE3F800000
Max Get Open Run Route33D1FF283F800000
Max Jumping2F97B82A3F800000
Max Kick Accuracy9358D1983F800000
Max Kick Power434AC4A63F800000
Max Lower Body StrengthAF238AFE3F800000
Max Pass Arm StrengthD27858B03F800000
Max Pass BlockingBC66E1E23F800000
Max Pass Fake Ability/Acc8773566F3F800000
Max Pass Read Coverage2C87B82A3F800000
Max Punt Accuracy6F3BB02E3F800000
Max Punt Power2DF7B82A3F800000
Max Run Blocking87C3566F3F800000
Max Speed8463566F3F800000
Max Stats8462D66FE06C1041
Max Tackle1A34CDFE3F800000
Max Upper Body Strength59E7AC383F800000

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