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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Infinite TimeFA199C1F00000063
Infinite Health (player 1)591F7D1400003F7F
Infinite Health (player 2)84FB874300003F7F
Low Health (player 1)591F7D1400000001
Low Health (player 2)84FB874300000001
Start With 99 Wins (player 1)AFE05BD2C0705041
Start With 99 Wins (player 2)EFA412D7C0705041
Danger Mode18E41C5200000001
Down+High Punch Pit Fatality7735D9C100000001
High Punch FatalityEEF7125700000001
Low Punch Fatality2E67698600000001
Easy Endings90C8003400000001
Player 1 Never Wins75A5D94100000000
No Overall Wins (player 1)AFE35BD200000000
One Win Needed (player 1)75A6D941C0705041
Play as Goro (player 1)5BC77D140000000F
Play as Meat (player 1)8693874300000001
Play as Noob Saibot (player 1)5BC77D1400000011
Play as Sektor (player 1)5BC77D1400000016
Player 2 Never WinsCDCBEDBB00000000
No Overall Wins (player 2)EFA712D700000000
One Win Needed (player 2)CDC8EDBBC0705041
Play as Goro (player 2)D328899C0000000F
Play as Meat (player 2)D398899C00000001
Play as Noob Saibot (player 2)D328899C00000011
Play as Sektor (player 2)D328899C00000016
Sudden Death Mode (player 1)FA1A9C1F00705040
Sudden Death Mode (player 2)FA1A9C1F00705040
Kode - Armed & DangerousBE06304E00000008
Kode - Explosive KombatBE06304E0000000B
Kode - Free WeaponBE06304E00000006
Kode - Goro's LairBE06304E00000011
Kode - Ice PitBE06304E0000001A
Kode - Ladder StageBE06304E0000001E
Kode - Living ForestBE06304E00000018
Kode - Many WeaponsBE06304E00000009
Kode - Max Damage DisabledBE06304E00000003
Kode - Max Throw DisabledBE06304E00000004
Kode - No PowerBE06304E0000000C
Kode - Noob Saibot ModeBE06304E0000000F
Kode - PrisonBE06304E00000019
Kode - Random WeaponsBE06304E00000007
Kode - Red RainBE06304E00000010
Kode - Reptile's LairBE06304E00000016
Kode - Shaolin TempleBE06304E00000017
Kode - Silent KombatBE06304E0000000A
Kode - The ChurchBE06304E0000001D
Kode - The Soul ChamberBE06304E0000001D
Kode - The TombBE06304E00000014
Kode - The WellBE06304E00000012
Kode - Throwing DisabledBE06304E00000002
Kode - Unlimited RunBE06304E00000005
Kode - Weapon KombatBE06304E0000000E
Kode - Wind WorldBE06304E00000015
Infinite Time v1.18DD387AD00000063
Infinite Health v1.1 (player 1)5DAF7D0000003F7F
Infinite Health v1.1 (player 2)AB6B5BC600003F7F
Low Health v1.1 (player 1)5DAF7D0000000001
Low Health v1.1 (player 2)AB6B5BC600000001
Start With 99 Wins v1.1 (player 1)BB8530DAC0705041
Start With 99 Wins v1.1 (player 2)1DD71CC6C0705041
Danger Mode v1.1D418890800000001
Down+High Punch Pit Fatality v1.12A67699200000001
High Punch Fatality v1.194C8002000000001
Low Punch Fatality v1.1EAF7124300000001
Easy Endings v1.1680B619600000001
Player 1 Never Wins v1.1ABE35BC600000000
No Overall Wins v1.1 (player 1)BB8630DA00000000
One Win Needed v1.1 (player 1)ABE05BC6C0705041
Play as Goro v1.1 (player 1)969800A00000000F
Play as Meat v1.1 (player 1)A9035BC600000001
Play as Noob Saibot v1.1 (player 1)969800A000000011
Play as Sektor v1.1 (player 1)969800A000000016
Player 2 Never v1.1 WinsEBA712C300000000
No Overall Wins v1.1 (player 2)1DD41CC600000000
One Win Needed v1.1 (player 2)EBA412C3C0705041
Play as Goro v1.1 (player 2)283769120000000F
Play as Meat v1.1 (player 2)D728898800000001
Play as Noob Saibot v1.1 (player 2)2837691200000011
Play as Sektor v1.1 (player 2)2837691200000016
Sudden Death Mode v1.1 (player 1)8DD087AD00705040
Sudden Death Mode v1.1 (player 2)8DD087AD00705040
Kode - Armed & Dangerous v1.17335D9D500000008
Kode - Explosive Kombat v1.17335D9D50000000B
Kode - Free Weapon v1.17335D9D500000006
Kode - Goro's Lair v1.17335D9D500000011
Kode - Ice Pit v1.17335D9D50000001A
Kode - Ladder Stage v1.17335D9D50000001E
Kode - Living Forest v1.17335D9D500000018
Kode - Many Weapons v1.17335D9D500000009
Kode - Max Damage Disabled v1.17335D9D500000003
Kode - Max Throw Disabled v1.17335D9D500000004
Kode - No Power v1.17335D9D50000000C
Kode - Noob Saibot Mode v1.17335D9D50000000F
Kode - Prison v1.17335D9D500000019
Kode - Random Weapons v1.17335D9D500000007
Kode - Red Rain v1.17335D9D500000010
Kode - Reptile's Lair v1.17335D9D500000016
Kode - Shaolin Temple v1.17335D9D500000017
Kode - Silent Kombat v1.17335D9D50000000A
Kode - The Church v1.17335D9D50000001B
Kode - The Soul Chamber v1.17335D9D50000001D
Kode - The Tomb v1.17335D9D500000014
Kode - The Well v1.17335D9D500000012
Kode - Throwing Disabled v1.17335D9D500000002
Kode - Unlimited Run v1.17335D9D500000005
Kode - Weapon Kombat v1.17335D9D50000000E
Kode - Wind World v1.17335D9D500000015

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