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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

No Health (player 1)AAE3443500000000
No Health (player 1 partner)4B7A0A6B00000000
No Lives (player 2)9BB81F5400000000
No Lives (player 2 partner)3B2131E600000000
Low Health (player 1)AAE3443500000001
Low Health (player 1 partner)4B7A0A6B00000001
Low Lives (player 2)9BB81F5400000001
Low Lives (player 2 partner)3B2131E600000001
50% Health (player 1)AAE04435C0705033
50% Health (player 1 partner)4B790A6BC0705033
50% Lives (player 2)9BBB1F54C0705033
50% Lives (player 2 partner)3B2231E6C0705033
Infinite Health (player 1)AAE3443500000090
Infinite Health (player 1 partner)4B7A0A6B00000090
Infinite Lives (player 2)9BB81F5400000090
Infinite Lives (player 2 partner)3B2131E600000090
Hyper Combo Level 1 (player 1)EAA70D3000000001
Hyper Combo Level 2 (player 1)EAA70D3000000002
Hyper Combo Level 3 (player 1)EAA70D3000000003
Hyper Combo Level 1 (player 2)94481F5400000001
Hyper Combo Level 2 (player 2)94481F5400000002
Hyper Combo Level 3 (player 2)94481F5400000003
No Guest Attacks (player 1)45B20A6D00000000
Infinite Guest Attacks (player 1)45B20A6D00000005

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