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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Infinite Everything in Trunk (original mode)75449CFAE06F5041
99 x Amy Costume in Trunk (original mode)ED7F576C00000063
99 x Bass Lure in Trunk (original mode)75719CFA00000063
99 x Bruno Costume in Trunk (original mode)4366503100000063
99 x Bullet Blow in Trunk (original mode)FC51D97E00000063
99 x Chamber +2 in Trunk (original mode)2C1B2CBD00000063
99 x Chamber +4 in Trunk (original mode)FC69D97E00000063
99 x Chamber +8 in Trunk (original mode)2C232CBD00000063
99 x Chamber +Inf in Trunk (original mode)33B96BBF00000063
99 x Civilian Costume in Trunk (original mode)437A503100000063
99 x Credit +2 in Trunk (original mode)6F7B24B900000063
99 x Credit +5 in Trunk (original mode)8657C2F800000063
99 x Credit +10 in Trunk (original mode)9340450F00000063
99 x Credit Inf in Trunk (original mode)BDCA757500000063
99 x Cust. Air Gun in Trunk (original mode)5A6B38AF00000063
99 x Double Score in Trunk (original mode)8613C2F800000063
99 x First Aid Kit in Trunk (original mode)74BD9CFA00000063
99 x G Costume in Trunk (original mode)1BA0596900000063
99 x Goldman Costume in Trunk (original mode)ED47576C00000063
99 x Grenade in Trunk (original mode)AC9B1E6900000063
99 x Harry Costume in Trunk (original mode)1B98596900000063
99 x Life +2 in Trunk (original mode)87ABC2F800000063
99 x Life +5 in Trunk (original mode)ACAF1E6900000063
99 x Life ¼ in Trunk (original mode)6F4F24B900000063
99 x Machine Gun in Trunk (original mode)928C450F00000063
99 x Power-Up 1.2 in Trunk (original mode)CD37A80000000063
99 x Power-Up 1.5 in Trunk (original mode)CD2BA80000000063
99 x Power-Up 2.0 in Trunk (original mode)ECB3576C00000063
99 x Primitive Meat in Trunk (original mode)BDD6757500000063
99 x Rogan Costume in Trunk (original mode)2DEF2CBD00000063
99 x Rotten Meat in Trunk (original mode)D35CCC2700000063
99 x Shotgun in Trunk (original mode)75459CFA00000063
99 x Toy Gun in Trunk (original mode)5A7738AF00000063
99 x UFO in Trunk (original mode)9374450F00000063
Infinite Credits3BA12BA200000009
Infinite Health (player 1)4B72102F00000003
Infinite Health (player 2)A9AB5E7700000003
Player 1 Never ReloadsB556356B00000006
Player 2 Never ReloadsD0188C3900000006
1 Hit Kills (player 1)CDA3E8000000BF80
Infinite Ammo Clip Active (player 1)75CD9CFA000000FF
Max Score (player 1)A5039E770098967F
Play as Amy (player 1)D260CC2700000002
Play as Bruno (player 1)D260CC2700000007
Play as Civilian (player 1)D260CC2700000008
Play as G (player 1)D260CC2700000005
Play as Goldman (player 1)D260CC2700000004
Play as Harry (player 1)D260CC2700000003
Play as Rogan (player 1)D260CC2700000006
Weapon Sounds Like Air (player 1)75CD9CFA00000005
Weapon Sounds Like Lure (player 1)75CD9CFA00000007
Weapon Sounds Like Laser (player 1)75CD9CFA00000006
1 Hit Kills (player 2)1A2C19690000BF80
Infinite Ammo Clip Active (player 2)ACC31E69000000FF
Max Score (player 2)BED6F56B0098967F
Play as Amy (player 2)5AFF38AF00000002
Play as Bruno (player 2)5AFF38AF00000007
Play as Civilian (player 2)5AFF38AF00000008
Play as G (player 2)5AFF38AF00000005
Play as Goldman (player 2)5AFF38AF00000004
Play as Harry (player 2)5AFF38AF00000003
Play as Rogan (player 2)5AFF38AF00000006
Weapon Sounds Like Air (player 2)D2D0CC2700000005
Weapon Sounds Like Lure (player 2)D2D0CC2700000007
Weapon Sounds Like Laser (player 2)D2D0CC2700000006

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