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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 1)49DA041F0000001C
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 1)7E25C8D40000001C
Unlimited Armor (level 1)80F396D700000384
Low Barrel Heat (level 1)7E1DC8D400000000
Low Heat (level 1)B7B6215B00000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 2)EF773E580000000A
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 2)2FE745890000000A
Unlimited Armor (level 2)15A4305D00000384
Low Barrel Heat (level 2)2FDF458900000000
Low Heat (level 2)85A3ABCC00000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 3)B556214300000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 3)E5C7035A00000063
Unlimited Armor (level 3)F9298D4900000320
Low Barrel Heat (level 3)E5FF035A00000000
Low Heat (level 3)3A213F8900000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 4)4A5A068700000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 4)7DA5CA4C00000063
Unlimited Armor (level 4)8373944F00000000
Low Heat (level 4)C60BFEB600000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 5)CBEBC41600000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 5)FAA9B56800000063
Unlimited Armor (level 5)FEA9B56900000320
Low Barrel Heat (level 5)FA91B56800000000
Low Heat (level 5)7C75F0EC00000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 6)27D7463D00000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 6)51A7522F00000063
Unlimited Armor (level 6)695B4E3800000320
Low Barrel Heat (level 6)519F522F00000000
Low Heat (level 6)B6361FF500000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 7)2E57433100000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 7)5827572300000063
Unlimited Armor (level 7)4CEA3FBD00000320
Low Barrel Heat (level 7)581F572300000000
Low Heat (level 7)90382A8300000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 8)CC6BC0BC00000063
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 8)FD29B1C200000063
Unlimited Armor (level 8)E1C73FD000000320
Low Barrel Heat (level 8)FD11B1C200000000
Low Heat (level 8)433A388D00000000
Unlimited Ammo - Primary (level 8)975828310000000A
Unlimited Ammo - Special (level 8)C8DBC53E0000000A
Unlimited Armor (level 8)CCDBC53F00000384
Low Barrel Heat (level 8)C8E3C53E00000000
Low Heat (level 8)37A1068100000000

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