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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

All Magic Unlimited (player 1)7475DF3900000004
All Magic Unlimited (player 2)F4899ABE00000004
All Magic Unlimited (player 3)BED636BB00000004
All Magic Unlimited (player 4)8B73813300000004
Infinite Gold (player 1)F2599ABC0000FFFF
Infinite Gold (player 2)DAA88FE70000FFFF
Infinite Gold (player 3)90B806C10000FFFF
Infinite Gold (player 4)4F4A13FA0000FFFF
Infinite Health (player 1)74FDDF39000044A2
Infinite Health (player 2)110C1AA9000044A2
Infinite Health (player 3)F9119AB0000044A2
Infinite Health (player 4)9DE006C4000044A2
Unlimited Keys (player 1)2D276F7E00000009
Unlimited Keys (player 2)D9B88FE700000009
Unlimited Keys (player 3)6C7B677700000009
Unlimited Keys (player 4)56977B6400000009
Maximum Armor (player 1)F7019ABA00004479
Maximum Armor (player 2)A9DB5DAB00004479
Maximum Armor (player 3)551F7B6000004479
Maximum Armor (player 4)3AF9287200004479
Maximum Magic (player 1)491213F560004479
Maximum Magic (player 2)F9119ABC00004479
Maximum Magic (player 4)8EEB813500004479
Maximum Speed (player 1)C683EBC400004479
Maximum Speed (player 2)36F9287D00004479
Maximum Speed (player 3)DDF08FE800004479
Maximum Speed (player 4)C433EBCD00004479
Maximum Strength (player 1)7EEDDF3E00004479
Maximum Strength (player 2)70FDDF3800004479
Maximum Strength (player 3)F3019AB100004479
Maximum Strength (player 4)F5119AB300004479
Quick Level Up (player 1)14241AAB0000FFFF
Quick Level Up (player 2)12341AA90000FFFF
Quick Level Up (player 3)BE0636BB0000FFFF
Quick Level Up (player 4)A0835DA20000FFFF
Infinite Turbo (player 1)ADDB5DAA000042C8
Infinite Turbo (player 3)36F92871000042C8
Infinite Turbo (player 4)3C992874000042C8
Infinite Special Attack (player 2)65E36779000042C8

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