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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Unlock EverythingD3D843E40001FFFF
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Beaver Dam)7805F9D50000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Beaver Power)673B4F840000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Cape Canardo)F829B67E0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Compound Factions)1C243CD60000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Dino Downstairs)9DA83D1D0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Dino Upstairs)53C75D520000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Dinotopolis)76E5F17B0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (God Machine Valley)B9060D730000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Lower East Quack)5DA75DAA0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (New Quack City)3B1104A00000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)39F10C250000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Rumpus Room)1E64230A0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (SS Meer)110424310000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Saving Claude)CFDBC1E70000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)DC88AC4F0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Saving Juanita)14E431D00000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (VAB Building)D6E8BD680000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (Village)3BD10AEF0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (VLF Facility)D728BDD90000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo (World Quack Center)14A43CA10000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Beaver Dam)C06BCD2F0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Beaver Power)B5961E480000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Cape Canardo)5E3757AF0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Compound Factions)68CB41060000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Dino Downstairs)E3972F7E0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Dino Upstairs)A5037B940000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Dinotopolis)CE8BC5810000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (God Machine Valley)1F54216F0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Lower East Quack)AB637B6C0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (New Quack City)8F03ADE70000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)8DE3A5620000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Rumpus Room)6A8B5EDA0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (SS Meer)65EB59E10000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Saving Claude)2EF7455A0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)3D810BD70000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Saving Juanita)600B4C000000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (VAB Building)37E11AF00000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (Village)8FC3A3A80000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (VLF Facility)36211A410000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo (World Quack Center)604B41710000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Beaver Dam)F129BC510000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Beaver Power)E5073C510000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Cape Canardo)96882A0F0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Compound Factions)AA937BD60000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Dino Downstairs)1684217B0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Dino Upstairs)DB28A9DA0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Dinotopolis)FF09B4FF0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (God Machine Valley)47AA28370000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Lower East Quack)EB2732690000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (New Quack City)B4A61A6A0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)C73BCF9A0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Rumpus Room)7085E6990000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (SS Meer)7085E6990000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Saving Claude)6C3B4D5E0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)609B44D10000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Saving Juanita)9CC82DB60000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (VAB Building)7145EDB50000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (Village)B46614250000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (VLF Facility)6BFB55470000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo (World Quack Center)A2137BA10000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Beaver Dam)4F3A351E0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Beaver Power)25F747800000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Cape Canardo)C96BC7000000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Compound Factions)D4D8A9980000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Dino Downstairs)61AB5CAB0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Dino Upstairs)13B43C940000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Dinotopolis)411A3DB00000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (God Machine Valley)7035E4FC0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Lower East Quack)2BD749B80000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (New Quack City)E45738730000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)F619BEE40000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Rumpus Room)D698B6440000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (SS Meer)D938B17F0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Saving Claude)D938B17F0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)9CF825670000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Saving Juanita)DC18A49E0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (VAB Building)D6D0BD680000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (Village)F4F9B82E0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (VLF Facility)A9036F970000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo (World Quack Center)DC58A9EF0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Beaver Dam)F111BC510000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Beaver Power)E53F3C510000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Cape Canardo)83EBADF80000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Compound Factions)94F020B00000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Dino Downstairs)233F54AF0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Dino Upstairs)DB10A9DA0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Dinotopolis)FFF1B4FF0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (God Machine Valley)479228370000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Lower East Quack)D570A9220000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (New Quack City)B49E1A6A0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)B67E12EF0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Rumpus Room)96B03F6C0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (SS Meer)99D038570000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Saving Claude)58BF51480000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)60A344D10000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Saving Juanita)9C302DB60000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (VAB Building)6AC355F60000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (Village)B45E14250000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (VLF Facility)6B0355470000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo (World Quack Center)9C7020C70000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Beaver Dam)A1DB7B460000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Beaver Power)9B002E320000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Cape Canardo)37F904BF0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Compound Factions)44E2358E0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Dino Downstairs)C213D0120000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Dino Upstairs)8E1BA7050000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Dinotopolis)AF3B73E80000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (God Machine Valley)E9AF2F6A0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Lower East Quack)807BA7FD0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (New Quack City)66334BA60000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)64D343230000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Rumpus Room)46A22A520000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (SS Meer)49C22D690000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Saving Claude)FEA1B0990000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)144C39010000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Saving Juanita)4C2238880000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (VAB Building)1E2C28260000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (Village)66F345E90000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (VLF Facility)1FEC28970000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo (World Quack Center)4C6235F90000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Beaver Dam)78FDF9D50000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Beaver Power)53BF53920000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Cape Canardo)F811B67E0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Compound Factions)1C1C3CD60000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Dino Downstairs)9D903D1D0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Dino Upstairs)4B7235CC0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Dinotopolis)76DDF17B0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (God Machine Valley)A9EB666F0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Lower East Quack)5D9F5DAA0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (New Quack City)24FF43A20000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Quackenheim Museum)39C90C250000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Rumpus Room)1E5C230A0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (SS Meer)11FC24310000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Saving Claude)CFE3C1E70000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Saving Gwyneth)C343C8680000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Saving Juanita)14DC31D00000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (VAB Building)D6D0BD680000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (Village)3B290AEF0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (VLF Facility)D710BDD90000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo (World Quack Center)149C3CA10000270F

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