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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Unlock All Bikes (Dave Mirra)292729C600000005
Unlock All Bikes (Troy McMurray)6513217E00000005
Unlock All Characters76ADD92200000C03
Unlock All Cheats19945CB1000000FF
Unlock All Levels (Dave Mirra)6DDB21C20000000C
Unlock All Levels (Troy McMurray)38316E780000000C
Unlock All Outfits (Dave Mirra)FFCDDCA600000005
Unlock All Outfits (Ryan Nyquist)2393297A00000005
Unlock All Outfits (Troy McMurray)51E33D6800000005
Unlock Amish Boy Movie80B3C73D0000007F
Unlock Dave Mirra Movie917840D70000007F
Unlock Ryan Nyquist MovieA3131BAE0000007F
Gold Medal - Dirt (Dave Mirra)8853C73F00000003
Gold Medal - Dirt (Ryan Nyquist)D958C9E000000003
Gold Medal - Dirt (Troy McMurray)2BE7297A00000003
Gold Medal - Eastwood (Dave Mirra)A2AB1BAE00000003
Gold Medal - Eastwood (Ryan Nyquist)B7CE70B200000003
Gold Medal - Eastwood (Troy McMurray)2BDF297A00000003
Gold Medal - San Jose (Dave Mirra)C307ADC700000003
Gold Medal - San Jose (Ryan Nyquist)D944C9E000000003
Gold Medal - San Jose (Troy McMurray)455655F600000003
Gold Medal - Sleepy's Ditch (Dave Mirra)9CBC40C800000003
Gold Medal - Sleepy's Ditch (Ryan Nyquist)A7571BAE00000003
Gold Medal - Sleepy's Ditch (Troy McMurray)1D905CAE00000003
Gold Medal - Street (Dave Mirra)A3571BAE00000003
Gold Medal - Street (Ryan Nyquist)F79DDCB900000003
Gold Medal - Street (Troy McMurray)456E55F600000003
Gold Medal - Vertical (Dave Mirra)B3CE70B200000003
Gold Medal - Vertical (Ryan Nyquist)F79DDCB900000003
Gold Medal - Vertical (Troy McMurray)5DAF3D6800000003

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