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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Unlock All Levels & Planes4B4B4B25E06DF041
Unlock F-1 Support Fighter466A198700000001
Unlock F-104J Fighter2F67650B00000001
Unlock F-14A Navy FighterECE71EDA00000001
Unlock F-14A TestbedB0C63CC000000001
Unlock F-15A FighterEC971EDA00000001
Unlock F-15DJ Aggressor3DE1220A00000001
Unlock F-15DJ Agressor 2B0B63CC000000001
Unlock F-15DJ Fighter417A198700000001
Unlock F-15J Fighter7745D54C00000001
Unlock F-16 AggressorE3F71ED900000001
Unlock F-2A Support Fighter46DA198700000001
Unlock F-2B Support FighterF98990C800000001
Unlock F-4EJ FighterD7A8859100000001
Unlock F-4EJ+ Fighter90180CB900000001
Unlock F-4J Navy FighterF9F990C800000001
Unlock F/A-18C Aggressor9EA80CBA00000001
Unlock F/A-18C Navy Fighter9EA80CBA00000001
Unlock T-2 Jet Trainer80138B4E00000001
Unlock T-3 Special Color78D5D54F00000001
Unlock T-4 Jet Trainer7235D54C00000001
Unlock XF-3 Super Recipro Fighter5747711A00000001
Unlock Level 24B4A0B2500000001
Score 100% in All Tests2217747C00000064
High Score (Tactical Mode)5867637F0000FFFF
Unlock Level 39B581E1B00000001
Unlock Level 4C4DBF31400000001
Unlock Level 525F777A900000001
Unlock Level 6673B7FAD00000001
Unlock Level 7B5962E6100000001
Unlock Level 8E5070C7800000001
Unlock Level 94B3A0B2500000001
Unlock Level 107C05C7EE00000001
Unlock Level 11C46BF31400000001
Unlock Level 12F529826A00000001
Unlock Level 13533763BB00000001
Unlock Level 149B881E1B00000001
Unlock Level 15E5B70C7800000001
Unlock Level 16252777A900000001
Unlock Level 177C75C7EE00000001
Unlock Level 187385C7EE00000001
Unlock Level 19CBEBF31400000001
Unlock Level 20FAA9826A00000001
Unlock Level 215CB763BB00000001
Unlock Level 2294081E1B00000001
Unlock Level 23EA370C7800000001
Unlock Level 242AA777A900000001
Unlock Level 2573F5C7EE00000001
Unlock Level 26AAD3457D00000001
Unlock Level 27FA19826A00000001
Unlock Level 2835F130AB00000001
Unlock Level 2981E399EC00000001
Unlock Level 30CB3BF31400000001

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