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Starquake - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

"Starquake" on the Commodore 64 invites players into a cosmic ballet where the dance floor is a fractured planet on the brink of destruction, and the music is the sound of imminent doom. As Blob, a rather unconventional hero with an affinity for platforming and problem-solving, you're tasked with piecing together the core of a planet to prevent a catastrophic starquake. Imagine if your typical day at the office involved saving an entire world from exploding, and you've got the premise of this game.

Visually, "Starquake" is a feast for the senses, with a kaleidoscope of colors that pop against the deep blacks of space. The game's environments are a patchwork of biomes and terrains, each teeming with alien flora and fauna, not to mention a variety of hazards that Blob must navigate with care. The Commodore 64's graphics bring each pixelated peril and platform to life, making Blob's quest not just urgent but visually engaging.

The auditory experience in "Starquake" is a symphony of retro beeps and boops that sing the song of 8-bit adventures. Each jump, item pickup, and enemy encounter is punctuated with sound effects that are as endearing as they are indicative of the era. The soundtrack itself is a looping ode to the urgency of Blob's mission, driving home the race against time.

Diving into the gameplay, "Starquake" combines elements of exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving into a cohesive whole. Blob is equipped with the ability to jump, shoot, and manipulate his environment, making for dynamic gameplay that requires both reflexes and grey matter to master. As you traverse the planet's fragmented surface and delve into its depths, you'll collect parts needed to repair the core, all while unraveling the mystery of the starquake.

"Starquake" is a cosmic conundrum wrapped in a Commodore 64 cartridge, offering players a unique blend of action, adventure, and the age-old joy of discovery. So grab your joystick, prepare your wits, and dive into a game where the fate of an entire world rests in your capable hands—or rather, in Blob's. Remember, in the universe of "Starquake," it's not just about saving the day; it's about how you piece it all together.

Starquake C64 Tips and Tricks

For those brave enough to step into Blob's shoes and take on the challenge of "Starquake," here are some tips to ensure your planetary repair efforts are successful:

  1. Memorization Matters: The world of "Starquake" is vast and complex. Memorizing key locations and the quickest routes between them can save precious time.
  2. Conserve Your Ammo: While it might be tempting to blast every creature in sight, conserving your ammunition for more formidable foes and obstacles is a wise strategy.
  3. Experiment with Items: Many of the items Blob collects have multiple uses. Experimenting with these can uncover new pathways or solutions to seemingly impassable barriers.
  4. Keep Moving: Staying stationary for too long can lead to unwanted attention from the planet's denizens. Keep Blob on the move to avoid becoming an alien snack.
  5. Use Teleporters Wisely: The planet is dotted with teleporters that can whisk Blob across great distances. Learning their locations and how to use them effectively is key to navigating the planet efficiently.

Cartridge Pokes

Run the game, then hit the left button on the back of your Action Replay (or similar) cartridge and press E before entering the following codes:

POKE 12820,165 (infinite lives)
POKE 19161,169 (Platforms)
POKE 9559,169 (infinite ammo)
POKE 3546,181 (unlimited energy)

Once you're done, press F3 to restart the game with cheats intact.

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