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The Sentinel - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

"The Sentinel" on the Commodore 64 is what happens when an abstract artist and a chess grandmaster decide to make a video game. It's a strategy puzzle game that throws you into a bizarre, surreal world where you face off against the eponymous Sentinel, a towering entity capable of draining your energy with its gaze. The game presents a unique blend of strategy, stealth, and resource management that's as engaging as it is mind-bending. It's like playing hide and seek in a digital Escher painting, where the landscape can be manipulated, and the only way to win is to outthink your opponent in a high-stakes game of cosmic chess.

Graphically, "The Sentinel" is a minimalist masterpiece. The game's landscapes are stark, geometric realms that stretch out into the horizon, filled with plateaus, trees, and boulders. The Sentinel itself, along with its sentries, stands as ominous silhouettes against the sky, watching your every move. The visuals perfectly complement the game's eerie atmosphere, creating a sense of isolation and tension that's palpable.

The sound design is equally sparse yet effective. The ambient noises and the sound cues when the Sentinel or a sentry has spotted you add layers to the game's suspense, cueing you into the unseen dangers and the urgent need to act swiftly and smartly.

Gameplay in "The Sentinel" involves absorbing energy from the landscape and objects within it, then creating boulders and trees to climb higher or robots to transfer your consciousness into, all in an effort to ascend high enough to absorb the Sentinel itself. The game is a cerebral challenge, requiring players to think several moves ahead while managing their limited energy resources and staying out of the Sentinel's line of sight.

"The Sentinel" on the Commodore 64 stands as a testament to the platform's ability to offer deeply engaging and innovative gameplay experiences. It's a game that doesn't just challenge your puzzle-solving skills but also immerses you in an atmospheric, strategic battle of wits. So, charge up your energy, plan your moves, and prepare to face off against the Sentinel in a game where intellect and strategy reign supreme.

C64 Tips and Tricks for The Sentinel

For those intrepid minds ready to tackle the challenge of "The Sentinel," here are a few tips to help you ascend to victory:

  1. Conserve Your Energy: Every action costs energy, so make every move count. Plan your strategy to ensure you're always moving towards a position of advantage. "The Sentinel" is not a game of quick reflexes; it's a game of thoughtful strategy and patience. Take your time to understand the mechanics and think through your moves.
  2. Stay Out of Sight: The Sentinel and its sentries drain your energy if you remain in their gaze for too long. Use the terrain to your advantage, and always look for the next cover.
  3. Think Vertically: Height is everything in this game. The higher you are, the more of the landscape you can absorb and the closer you get to defeating the Sentinel. Use boulders and trees to elevate yourself.
  4. Absorb to Advance: You can absorb the Sentinel and sentries if you manage to get above them and have enough energy. This is key to clearing a level and moving to the next.

Level Passwords

Following are the passwords associated with three key levels to help you avoid some legwork:

Level 0010  --  Code 67510065
Level 0043  --  Code 46358774
Level 0085  --  Code 74477986

Reset Cartridge Poke Cheats

Enter the following by using a reset switch or cartridge to return to the command prompt after loading the game:

POKE 6679,173 (infinite energy)
POKE 8512,10
SYS 16128

The SYS command will return you to the game with cheats intact.

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