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Rolling Thunder - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Rolling Thunder on the Commodore 64 is like stepping into the shoes of a secret agent from an era when espionage was all about neon lights, synth music, and impossibly cool jumpsuits. This game takes the concept of a side-scrolling shooter, infuses it with a heavy dose of stylish 80s spy flair, and challenges players to infiltrate enemy bases with nothing but their wits, a handgun, and an endless supply of enemies keen on stopping you in your tracks. It's as if James Bond decided to ditch the tuxedo for something a little more... practical for his endless run-and-gun escapades.

Graphically, Rolling Thunder is a visual treat, with levels that transport you to secret bases filled with conveyor belts, trap doors, and, of course, legions of color-coordinated enemies. The Commodore 64's palette is put to good use here, rendering each level in colors that would make any 80s arcade proud. The character animations are surprisingly smooth for the platform, capturing the essence of a secret agent on the move with all the panache you'd expect.

The game's sound design is a synth-heavy soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the spy genre, with enough beeps, boops, and pew-pews to keep your adrenaline pumping as you dodge bullets, leap over obstacles, and take down the bad guys. It's like the game is scoring your personal action movie, one where you're always just a few shots away from saving the world.

Gameplay in Rolling Thunder is a mix of precision, timing, and strategic ammo management. Players must navigate through increasingly difficult levels, using cover, careful aim, and a keen eye for secret rooms that offer additional weapons and power-ups. It's a game that rewards patience and practice, as rushing in without a plan is a surefire way to end up back at the start screen.

Rolling Thunder on the Commodore 64 is a thrilling throwback to the days of arcade action, blending tight gameplay with an aesthetic that's all its own. So, ready your handgun, adjust your jumpsuit, and prepare to dive headfirst into the neon-soaked world of espionage. Remember, in the world of Rolling Thunder, the right mix of stealth and aggression is the secret to your success.

Rolling Thunder Tips and Tricks

For those ready to don their virtual jumpsuits and dive into the world of espionage, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your mission in Rolling Thunder:

  1. Use Cover Wisely: The cover mechanic is your best friend. Use it to avoid enemy fire and plan your counterattacks.
  2. Conserve Your Ammo: Ammo can be scarce, especially for the more powerful weapons. Make every shot count, and don't waste your bullets on wild firing.
  3. Look for Secret Doors: Keep an eye out for sections of the wall that look different. These can often be secret doors that lead to extra ammo, health, or new weapons.
  4. Learn Enemy Patterns: Each enemy type has its own attack pattern. Study these to know when to hide, when to run, and when to fight.

Infinite Lives

After loading the game, use a reset switch or cartridge to return to the command prompt, then type POKE 33570,173 and hit RETURN. Then, input the command SYS 32768 to return to the game with unlimited lives!

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