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While on the title screen that accompanies the first level, type SUEDEHEAD to load the second level instead. Then, on the second level title screen, simply type in DISAPPOINTED to load the final level.


While holding down the F, G, H, and J keys, move the joystick in the direction that you're facing. When performed correctly, this should move your robo-character to the top of the screen, where you won't be hit by enemy fire.

When you're ready to come back down to face the music, hold the same four keys, but move your joystick UP/LEFT or UP/RIGHT.


After loading the game, use a reset switch to return to the command prompt, then type POKE 44416,0 and hit ENTER. Then, input the command SYS 32768 to return as a Robo who has more lives than a cat.


If you have an Action Replay cartridge, start the game, then hit the left button on your cartridge to reset before plugging in POKE 44416,0 to gain infinite energy. Hitting F3 will return you to the game.

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