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Retrograde - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Retrograde on the Commodore 64 is like a love letter to the space shooters of old, written in pixels and sealed with a wax stamp of pure nostalgia. The game takes the classic formula of "shoot everything that moves and some things that don't, just to be safe," and injects it with a healthy dose of 80s arcade charm. You pilot your spacecraft through waves of enemies, asteroid fields, and boss battles that feel like they've been ripped straight from the golden age of arcades, all while the Commodore struggles to contain the sheer awesomeness.

The graphics are a delightful throwback, with brightly colored sprites zipping across the screen against a backdrop of star-studded space. It's like someone took the essence of every sci-fi movie poster from the 80s, distilled it into its purest form, and then splashed it across a Commodore 64 screen. The soundtrack follows suit, with synth-heavy tunes that wouldn't be out of place in a retro dance hall, providing the perfect accompaniment to the on-screen action.

Gameplay in Retrograde is as straightforward as it gets, but with enough variety to keep things interesting. Power-ups, weapon upgrades, and the occasional gravity-defying maneuver keep the player on their toes, making each level a fresh challenge. It's a game that rewards skill and persistence, with the difficulty ramped up to levels that will have even seasoned gamers breaking a sweat.

Retrograde on the Commodore 64 is a blast from the past that's sure to delight fans of classic space shooters and newcomers alike. So strap in, power up, and prepare for a journey through the stars that's as challenging as it is rewarding. Just remember, in the world of Retrograde, the only way forward is to keep shooting.

Retrograde Tips and Tricks

For those intrepid space adventurers ready to blast off and make their mark in the annals of Retrograde history, here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

  1. Power-Up Priority: Not all power-ups are created equal. Learn which ones best suit your playstyle and prioritize grabbing them during the chaos of battle.
  2. Know Your Enemies: Each enemy type has its own pattern. Study these to find the safest and most efficient way to dispatch them.
  3. Boss Battle Tactics: Bosses are more than just bullet sponges. Look for patterns and weak points to exploit, and don't be afraid to use your dodging skills as much as your firepower.
  4. Use the Environment: Asteroid fields and other environmental hazards can be used to your advantage, either as cover or as a way to damage enemies.

Cartridge Pokes

Run the game, then hit the left button on the back of your Action Replay (or similar) cartridge and press E before entering the following codes:

POKE 50897,X (where [X] is the number of lives you'd like, ranging from 0-255)
POKE 50374,173 (infinite lives)
POKE 60869,173 (power points)
POKE 2828,9: POKE 2829,9, POKE 2830,9: POKE 2831,9 (9999 Ara)

Once you're done, press F3 to restart the game with cheats intact.

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