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Puffy's Saga - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Puffy's Saga on the Commodore 64 is a whirlwind tour through a world that seems to have been designed by a particularly imaginative child with an affinity for crayons and a liberal interpretation of physics. In this game, you navigate Puffy (or his equally spherical companion, Puffyn) through a labyrinth that's part arcade, part fever dream, collecting items, dodging enemies, and generally questioning the dietary habits that lead to such an adventurous digestive journey.

Graphically, Puffy's Saga is a smorgasbord of vibrant colors and quirky characters, each screen bursting with a kind of manic energy that can only come from the 8-bit era. The design philosophy seems to have been "more is more," with every inch of the screen filled with something to interact with, avoid, or ponder in bemusement. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is an upbeat accompaniment that bounces along with the on-screen action, occasionally pausing to wonder, just like the player, what exactly is going on.

Gameplay is a delightful mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and arcade action. Puffy (or Puffyn) must navigate through the game's myriad levels, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. The controls are simple, but mastering them is key to unraveling the game's deeper mysteries and surviving its more chaotic moments. It's like guiding a balloon through a hurricane and hoping it doesn't pop.

Puffy's Saga is a testament to the creativity and boundless imagination of the Commodore 64 era, offering a gaming experience that's as bewildering as it is entertaining. So puff up, dive in, and remember: in the world of Puffy's Saga, it's not about the destination; it's about the journey, and what a puffed-up journey it is.

Puffy's Saga Tips and Tricks

For those intrepid explorers ready to embark on Puffy's Saga and carve their names into the annals of Commodore 64 legend, here are a few genuine hints and strategies to aid in your quest:

  1. Memorize the Maps: The levels in Puffy's Saga are complex and sprawling. Taking the time to learn their layouts will save you a lot of backtracking and heartache.
  2. Manage Your Resources: Items collected throughout your journey are more than just score boosters; they're crucial for surviving the game's tougher challenges. Use them wisely.
  3. Keep Moving: Many enemies and obstacles can be avoided with a bit of agility. Learn to navigate the game's spaces fluidly, and you'll find yourself dodging threats with ease.
  4. Experiment with Items: The items you collect have various effects. Experimenting with them can reveal solutions to puzzles or provide new ways to tackle enemies.
  5. Take Breaks: Puffy's Saga can be overwhelming. If you find yourself stuck or frustrated, a short break can often provide a new perspective on a challenging problem.

Infinite Energy

Type in and RUN the following listing and follow the on-screen prompts to load the game with an unlimited supply of energy.

1 FOR X=528 TO 585 : READ Y : C=C+Y : POKE X,Y : NEXT
2 IF C=5912 THEN POKE 157,128 : SYS 528
4 DATA 32,86,245,169,22,141,221,2,169,2,141,222
5 DATA 2,96,72,77,80,169,46,141,33,9,169,2
6 DATA 141,34,9,76,15,8,169,32,141,231,47,169
7 DATA 65,141,232,47,169,2,141,233,47,32,16,8
8 DATA 96,141,32,208,169,189,141,239,37,9

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