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Pro Boxing Simulator - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Pro Boxing Simulator on the Commodore 64 throws its hat into the ring with the confidence of a pixelated heavyweight champion, ready to duke it out for the title of most entertaining sports simulation on the platform. This game doesn't just simulate boxing; it invites you into a world where the punches are chunky, the action is gritty, and the only thing smoother than the animations are the moves you'll need to master to become champion.

Diving into Pro Boxing Simulator is akin to stepping into a digital boxing gym, where the equipment might be a bit outdated but the challenge is as real as it gets. Players are tasked with training their boxer from a pixelated pugilist into a lean, mean, fighting machine, ready to take on opponents in the quest for boxing glory. It's a journey filled with sweat, strategy, and the occasional uppercut to the digital jaw.

Graphically, the game punches above its weight for a Commodore 64 title, delivering detailed sprites and animations that bring each bout to life. The ringside action is complemented by a crowd that's as colorful as it is enthusiastic, creating an atmosphere that's both electric and unmistakably '80s. The sound design, with its thumping beats and the crisp sound of glove meeting face, serves as the perfect backdrop to the pugilistic proceedings.

But Pro Boxing Simulator is more than just a slugfest; it's a game of strategy and endurance. Training your boxer involves managing stamina, strength, and speed, ensuring that your fighter is balanced and ready for whatever comes his way. Each opponent requires a different approach, turning each match into a tactical battle as much as a test of reflexes.

Pro Boxing Simulator offers a compelling mix of action and strategy, wrapped up in a nostalgically pixelated package that will delight Commodore 64 enthusiasts and boxing fans alike. So get ready to rumble, train hard, and remember — in the world of Pro Boxing Simulator, the sweet science is as much about brains as it is about brawn.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

For those ready to lace up their gloves and step into the ring, here are a few genuine tips and strategies to help you rise through the ranks in Pro Boxing Simulator:

  1. Balance Your Training: Focus on creating a well-rounded boxer. Overemphasizing one area (like power) at the expense of others (such as speed or stamina) can leave you vulnerable.
  2. Learn Your Opponents: Each AI boxer has their patterns and weaknesses. Take the time to learn these, and adapt your strategy to exploit their flaws.
  3. Manage Your Stamina: Throwing punches willy-nilly will quickly deplete your stamina, leaving you open to counterattacks. Manage your energy wisely, and strike when the time is right.
  4. Use Combinations: Simple jabs might get you somewhere, but learning and using punch combinations can be the key to breaking through your opponent's defense.
  5. Defense Is Key: Remember, you can't win if you're constantly getting hit. Master blocking and dodging to minimize damage and create openings for your counterattacks.

Passwords to Unlock Boxers

Steady Eddie  --  PARTY
Dirty Larry  --  TALON
Fast Freddy  --  SWORD
Ronnie Razor  --  LUCKY
Deadly Dan  --  UNION

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