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Phantoms of the Asteroid - C64 Cheats

Game Review & Description

In the cosmic tapestry of Commodore 64 games, "Phantoms of the Asteroid" is that intriguing, slightly mysterious star you can't help but want to explore. This game takes the concept of a space adventure and adds a dash of ghostly mystery, a sprinkle of platforming challenge, and a generous dose of 8-bit charm, creating a concoction that's as bewildering as it is engaging.

The premise is simple enough to fit on the back of a napkin: navigate through a maze-like asteroid, disarm a doomsday device, and contend with the phantoms that haunt its corridors. It's like "Mission Impossible" if Ethan Hunt had to deal with spectral threats and the laws of gravity were more like gentle suggestions.

Graphically, "Phantoms of the Asteroid" is a love letter to the 8-bit aesthetic, with sprites and backgrounds that teeter charmingly on the edge of abstract art. The design of the asteroid's interior is a labyrinthine wonder, offering players a challenging environment that's as fun to explore as it is to survive in. And the phantoms? Let's just say they're as pixelated as they are persistent.

The gameplay is a tantalizing blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and reflex-testing jumps. It demands both strategic thinking and dexterous fingers, making it a comprehensive workout for both brain and thumb. And with the Commodore 64's joystick in hand, you'll navigate through corridors, leap over gaps, and dodge ghostly inhabitants with a mix of determination and desperation.

"Phantoms of the Asteroid" is a quintessential Commodore 64 experience, blending sci-fi action with ghostly intrigue in a way that's uniquely captivating. So power up your system, ready your joystick, and prepare for an adventure that's as nostalgically charming as it is fiendishly challenging. Remember, in the depths of the asteroid, it's not just about surviving the phantoms—it's about unraveling the mystery they guard.

Immunity (AR)

For those brave spacefarers ready to tackle the mysteries of the asteroid and prevent a cosmic catastrophe, here are a few genuine hints and tips to aid your mission:

  1. Map It Out: The asteroid's maze-like structure can be disorienting. Keeping a hand-drawn map or mental notes of key locations can save you from wandering into the same dead-end for the umpteenth time.
  2. Patience Is a Virtue: Rushing headlong into the unknown is a surefire way to become intimately acquainted with the respawn screen. Take your time to learn enemy patterns and navigate traps with care.
  3. Conserve Your Ammo: Your weapon's ammunition is finite, and while it might be tempting to blast every phantom into pixel dust, sometimes it's wiser to avoid confrontation and save your shots for situations where you have no other choice.
  4. Jump With Precision: Many of the platforming challenges require precise timing. Practice your jumps in less perilous areas to get a feel for the game's mechanics before tackling more dangerous leaps.
  5. Explore Thoroughly: Hidden rooms and secret corridors can contain vital supplies and clues for disarming the doomsday device. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to save the galaxy.

Immunity (AR)

After loading the game, hit the left button on your Action Replay (or similar) reset cartridge and select "E" from the menu. Then, enter POKE 30495,173 to gain immunity against your enemy. Hit Return and F3 to return to the game.

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