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Out Run - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

"Out Run" on the Commodore 64 is a digital odyssey that puts you in the driver's seat of a Ferrari Testarossa Spider, alongside your pixelated blonde companion, racing against the clock through a variety of landscapes. It's less about the destination and more about the journey, and what a vibrantly 8-bit journey it is, complete with palm trees that zoom past and roads that split into diverging paths, each leading to new scenic vistas.

The game is an attempt to capture the essence of the arcade classic, squeezing every bit of the Commodore 64's capabilities to deliver high-speed thrills. The result is a testament to the ambition of game developers of the era, willing to push the hardware to its limits to replicate the feeling of cruising down open roads with the wind in your hair (or, well, the fan on high if you're playing indoors).

Graphically, "Out Run" is a kaleidoscope of colors, with the sunset hues of the horizon and the blue of the sea beside coastal tracks. The music, with tracks like "Magical Sound Shower" and "Splash Wave," provides an upbeat, synthesizer-driven backdrop that's as memorable as the gameplay itself. Driving through this pixel paradise, you're not just racing against time; you're dancing with the very concept of speed, weaving through traffic and navigating sharp turns.

However, as any seasoned driver (or player) knows, the road is filled with challenges. The Commodore 64 version of "Out Run" is no walk in the park. Its controls demand precision, and the game's difficulty curve is like a steep incline on one of its mountainous tracks. But fear not, below you'll find a selection of hints, tips, and perhaps a cheat or two to help you shift gears and take the lead in this classic race.

Embarking on the "Out Run" experience on the Commodore 64 is like stepping into a time machine, not just to the 80s but to a time when the journey was just as important as the destination. So buckle up, press play on that cassette tape, and let the digital road unfold before you. Whether you're chasing the horizon or just the thrill of the race, "Out Run" promises an adventure that's as challenging as it is charming.

Out Run Tips and Tricks

  1. Master the Drift: "Out Run" rewards skillful driving. Learning to drift around corners by letting off the gas and then accelerating again mid-turn can keep your speed up and reduce the time lost on corners.
  2. Know Your Routes: Each of the game's splits leads to different environments, each with its own set of challenges. Some routes are inherently easier than others, so knowing which paths suit your driving style can help you reach the end more efficiently.
  3. Use the Traffic to Your Advantage: Other vehicles might seem like obstacles, but with clever maneuvering, they can actually shield you from the worst of the game's twists and turns. Use them as mobile barriers against making too wide a turn.
  4. Optimize Your Gear Changes: For manual transmission fans, mastering the timing of your gear changes can shave seconds off your time. Shift up right as you're about to max out your RPMs to maintain maximum acceleration.
  5. Restart Trick: If you're struggling with a particular segment, you can restart the current leg of the race without having to begin the entire journey afresh. This little-known trick can be a lifesaver for practicing difficult sections.

Infinite Time (AR)

After loading the game, hit the left button on your Action Replay (or similar) reset cartridge and select "E" from the menu. Then, enter POKE 34711,189 to gain unlimited time. Hit Return and F3 (or enter SYS38045 if yours is not an AR cart) to return to the game.

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