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720° Game Cheats for C64

Game Review & Description

Step into the rad, tubular world of 720°, a Commodore 64 game that turned living rooms into virtual skate parks long before the age of realistic graphics and online multiplayer. This game wasn't just a test of digital dexterity; it was a cultural icon for joystick-wielding, high-top-wearing gamers of the 80s.

720 Degrees put players on a skateboard, but not just any skateboard. This was the pixel-powered board of dreams, capable of defying the laws of physics with every jump and turn. The game’s title wasn’t just a number; it was a challenge, a call to spin, twist, and soar through a series of skateboarding events that would leave your fingers blistered but your gamer heart full.

The graphics were a visual feast of blocky beauty, where every turn of the wheel and flip of the board was a pixellated masterpiece. The soundtrack? A collection of chiptune beats that could have you tapping your foot one minute and frantically mashing buttons the next.

Players navigated through skate parks, braving ramps, rails, and the occasional unforgiving pavement. The goal? To rack up points, snag some cool gear, and, most importantly, avoid the dreaded "SKATE OR DIE" scenario. Yes, in this digital world, skateboarding wasn’t just a sport; it was a matter of survival.

For those who wish to shred through 720° with a bit more swagger, or perhaps with the cunning use of a few clever shortcuts, there's a stash of valuable hints, tips, and cheat codes tucked away just below. These little nuggets of wisdom are like secret handshakes among the gaming elite, a nod to those who know their way around a joystick and a half-pipe. So, grab your virtual board, hit the digital asphalt, and let the retro skateboarding adventure begin!

Cartridge Pokes

Run the game, then hit the left button on the back of your Action Replay (or similar) cartridge and press E before entering the following codes:

POKE 11793,96 (money)
POKE 8723,173 (tickets)

Once you're done, press F3 (or enter SYS2128 if yours is not an AR cart) to restart the game with the relevant cheats in effect.

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