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The New Zealand Story - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Dive into a whimsical adventure with The New Zealand Story on the Commodore 64, where players embark on a charming quest through vibrant landscapes teeming with danger, puzzles, and discovery. This delightful platformer takes you into the webbed feet of Tiki, a plucky little kiwi who must rescue his friends from the clutches of a nefarious leviathan. It's a journey that spans the length and breadth of a beautifully reimagined New Zealand, filled with local fauna turned foe and treacherous terrain that challenges your every move.

The New Zealand Story's conversion to the Commodore 64 retains the enchanting spirit of its arcade original, presenting a vivid world that bursts with color and life. The game's graphics are a testament to the C64’s capability to bring vibrant, detailed environments to the home screen. Each level is meticulously designed, offering a plethora of hidden secrets and shortcuts that reward exploration and clever thinking.

Gameplay in The New Zealand Story is as engaging as its visuals. Tiki's quest is fraught with challenges that require precision jumping, quick reflexes, and the strategic use of various weapons and power-ups encountered along the way. From arrows to laser guns, Tiki's arsenal is as diverse as the enemies he faces. Moreover, the ability to commandeer balloons and other flying apparatuses introduces a novel layer of strategy and verticality to the platforming antics.

The New Zealand Story on the Commodore 64 is more than just a game; it's a vibrant, heartwarming tale that captures the essence of adventure and exploration. With its charming protagonist, challenging gameplay, and captivating world, it stands as a shining example of what makes the platformer genre so enduringly popular. So grab your joystick, and join Tiki on his noble quest to rescue his feathered friends, experiencing the magic and majesty of New Zealand like never before.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Embarking on this kiwi-sized epic adventure, players will find these tidbits invaluable:

  1. Mastery of movement is key. Tiki's journey is not just horizontal; vertical exploration can uncover new paths and secrets.
  2. Conserve your lives. The game's difficulty ramps up with each level, making conservation of lives and learning enemy patterns crucial for progress.
  3. Experiment with weapons. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation and enemy type. Finding the right tool for the job is part of the fun.
  4. Keep an eye out for secret rooms and items. The New Zealand Story's levels are filled with hidden areas that can provide essential boosts and bonuses.

Infinite Lives

The following stand-alone POKE promises an unlimited supply of lives to all those daring enough to type in this listing, before RUNning it and loading the game as usual.

1 CLR : FOR A=271 TO 299 : READ B : POKE A,B : C=C+B : NEXT
2 IF C=3107 THEN POKE157,128 : SYS271
4 DATA 32, 86, 245, 169, 169, 141, 87, 3, 169, 173, 141, 88, 3, 169, 141, 141
5 DATA 89, 3, 169, 143, 141, 90, 3, 169, 12, 141, 91, 3, 96

Infinite Lives + Level Skipping

Hold down all of the keys that make up the phrase "TRY CHEATING" (including the space bar - and with the T held down only once, of course). When performed correctly, the border should turn grey, indicating that you now have inifinite lives and the ability to skip levels (except guardian levels) by holding down CTRL and the LEFT ARROW key.

Cartridge Cheat Code

Infinite lives may also be gained through freezing the game with an Action Replay (or similar) cartridge before entering POKE 3215,173. Returning to the game is as simple as entering SYS 2306.

Boss Tip: Defeating Seal

When fighting the last end-of-level baddie, wait until he stops firing, then pass through him so that you are standing behind him. From there, shoot the balloon on his head multiple times to dispatch of him quickly.

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