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Mercenary - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Dive headfirst into the open-ended world of Mercenary, a Commodore 64 title that blends exploration, strategy, and adventure into a compelling package. Set on the distant planet of Targ, this game doesn't just invite you to play; it beckons you to unravel its mysteries, offering a freedom seldom seen in the gaming landscapes of its time. Mercenary is a pioneering foray into 3D open-world gameplay, where choices matter and every discovery feels like a step deeper into another world.

Upon crash-landing on Targ, players find themselves caught between two warring factions, with the opportunity to align with either side or forge their own path to escape the planet. The game's vector graphics create a surprisingly immersive and expansive environment to explore, from underground facilities to sprawling cityscapes, all rendered with a minimalist aesthetic that leaves plenty to the imagination.

Gameplay in Mercenary is an intricate dance of exploration, negotiation, and sometimes, combat. Players must navigate the planet, collecting items, solving puzzles, and interacting with the various characters they encounter. The game's non-linear approach allows for multiple solutions to obstacles, encouraging experimentation and replayability. Whether flying a stolen spacecraft or decoding a mysterious message, players are given the tools to carve their own story within the game's universe.

The Commodore 64's capabilities are pushed to their limits with Mercenary, delivering a game experience that's both ahead of its time and deeply engaging. The use of vector graphics for the game's 3D environment, while simple by today's standards, creates a sense of scale and depth that was revolutionary for its era. Accompanied by a minimalistic soundscape, the game's atmosphere is one of isolation and intrigue, perfectly fitting the solitary journey across Targ.

Mercenary for the Commodore 64 stands as a testament to the creativity and ambition of early video game development, offering a world that players can truly make their own. With its innovative gameplay and open-world design, Mercenary doesn't just tell a story; it invites you to live it. So gear up, pilot; your adventure on Targ awaits, and the only limit is your own curiosity.

Mercenary Tips and Tricks

For those intrepid explorers ready to chart their course on Targ, here are some insider tips to guide your journey in Mercenary:

  1. Exploration is key. The vast world of Targ is filled with secrets and solutions hidden in plain sight.
  2. Interact with everything. Many objects in the game have multiple uses or can reveal crucial information to aid your mission.
  3. Keep track of landmarks. Navigating the open world can be daunting, but recognizable landmarks can help orient you on your journey.
  4. Save often. The freedom to choose your path also means the freedom to fail. Regularly saving your progress ensures that a setback isn't the end of your adventure.

Equipment-Related Hints and Tips

  • Use the antenna in conjunction with the radio in the communications room.
  • USe the photon emitter in dark places.
  • Use the power-amp to boost the speed of your vehicle.
  • Use the Novadrive to kick-start the intergalactic ship.
  • Use the Antigrav to lift heavy objects that can not normally be moved.
  • Use the kitchen sink to pick up anything and everything (a bit of sly wordplay there)
  • Use the anti-time bomb to reassemble destroyed buildings.
  • Destroying all mechanoid buildings will give you for a massive reward.

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