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The Last Ninja - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

If you want to taste everything the C64 has to offer, The Last Ninja and Last Ninja II are considered by many to be among the best games to be released on the platform. If that sounds good, then step into the shadowy world of espionage, martial arts, and ancient rituals with a Commodore 64 classic that redefined action-adventure gaming in the 80s. In this game, players are whisked away to a beautifully rendered 8-bit rendition of feudal Japan, where danger, intrigue, and the art of ninjitsu collide. You are the last of your kind, a lone ninja on a quest for vengeance and honor against a backdrop of betrayal and conspiracy.

Each pixelated scene is crafted with an eye for detail, from the sprawling gardens of the Shogun's palace to the menacing dungeons lurking with foes. The Commodore 64 vibrates with the life of ancient Japan, offering a tapestry of landscapes filled with challenges and secrets. The game's isometric perspective not only adds a layer of depth to its visuals but also to its gameplay, creating a world that's as immersive as it is challenging.

Gameplay in The Last Ninja is a delicate balance of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Navigating the world requires more than just quick reflexes; it demands strategic thinking and a keen eye for detail. Each encounter with an enemy is a dance of death, where timing and technique are crucial for survival. Along the way, players must collect items, solve puzzles, and uncover the path forward, all while mastering the art of stealth and combat that defines the ninja.

For those brave enough to don the black garb and take up the silent blade, The Last Ninja offers a journey filled with peril and discovery. Within its code lie secrets and techniques passed down from ancient masters, offering wisdom to aid you in your quest. These hidden truths can be the difference between life and death, providing insight into the game's most daunting challenges.

Embarking on the adventure that is The Last Ninja on the Commodore 64 is to step into a realm where honor, skill, and determination are your greatest allies. The journey is fraught with danger, but for those who persevere, the rewards are beyond measure. So, sharpen your shurikens, perfect your stealth, and prepare to walk the path of The Last Ninja.

Last Ninja Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are a few clandestine tips to guide your path:

  1. Observation is key. Take time to study your surroundings and enemy patterns. Rushing in without a plan is the quickest path to defeat.
  2. Not every problem requires a fight. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. Look for alternate paths or solutions to avoid unnecessary confrontations.
  3. Keep your inventory organized. Knowing what tools and weapons you have at your disposal can save you in a tight spot.
  4. Master the combat controls. Combat in The Last Ninja is nuanced, with different attacks and movements. Familiarizing yourself with these can give you an edge in battles.

Infinite Lives

If you're finding this classic adventure game a bit tricky, type in the following listing, RUN it and hit PLAY on your cassette deck to load the game as usual, but with infinite lives intact.

2 POKE 649,0 : FOR I=579 TO 640 : READ A : POKE I,A : C=C+A : NEXT I
3 FOR I=31722 TO 31735 : READ A : POKE I,A : C=C+A : NEXT I : IF C=8876 THEN SYS 579
5 DATA 198, 157, 78, 41, 3, 169, 0, 162, 1, 168, 32, 186, 255, 32, 189, 255, 32, 213, 255, 120, 136
6 DATA 140, 21, 3, 169, 128, 141, 237, 2, 238, 119, 244, 238, 120, 244, 169, 166, 141, 20, 3, 108
7 DATA 20, 3, 162, 121, 142, 178, 3, 206, 179, 3, 76, 81, 3, 169, 197, 141, 135, 120, 76, 191, 3, 12
8 DATA 0, 0, 169, 49, 141, 159, 2, 169, 234, 141, 160, 2, 96

Infinite Lives (AR)

After loading the game, hit the left button on your Action Replay (or similar) reset cartridge and select "E" from the menu. Then, enter POKE 30855,165 to gain access to unlimited lives! Hit Return and F3 to return to the game.

More Action Replay Cheat Codes

After loading each level, enter your Action Replay monitor and change variable 30855 ($7887) from 198 (C6) to 197 (C5) in order to unlock infinite lives.

In order to gain access to a huge supply of smoke bombs and shurikens, enter the following after loading level one:

Change 1018 ($03FA) from 00 to 255 (FF)
Change 1019 ($03FB) from 00 to 255 (FF)

On level two, jump back into the Action Replay monitor and change 22085 ($5645) from 198 (C6) to 197 (C5) to ensure that the Ninja magic doesn't expire once collected.

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