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Hunter's Moon - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Embark on a celestial voyage with Hunter's Moon, where the Commodore 64 serves as your spacecraft, navigating through the cosmos in a game that's part puzzle, part shooter, and entirely captivating. In this space-faring adventure, players take on the role of a starship pilot, tasked with harvesting the energy from stars within a myriad of alien constellations. It's not just about the thrill of exploration or the joy of blasting away obstacles; it's a strategic odyssey that challenges the mind as much as the reflexes.

Hunter's Moon takes you beyond the bounds of ordinary space shooters, offering a unique blend of arcade action and puzzle-solving gameplay. Set against the backdrop of the infinite void, the game's levels—each representing a different constellation—are a maze of stars, enemies, and obstacles. The goal is simple: collect enough star cells to open the warp gate to the next level before time runs out. But as any seasoned astronaut knows, space is filled with unforeseen dangers and challenges.

The game's graphics are a testament to the Commodore 64's prowess, bringing the beauty of outer space to life with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Each level is a carefully crafted cosmic puzzle, where the layout of stars and obstacles demands strategic navigation. The spacecraft itself is rendered with a sleek design, responsive to the player's commands and capable of precise movements—a necessity for navigating the tight spaces and evading the host of alien adversaries that inhabit these starry realms.

Gameplay in Hunter's Moon is where the game truly shines, blending fast-paced shooting action with the cerebral challenge of puzzle-solving. Players must carefully plan their route through each constellation, conserving fuel and avoiding or outsmarting enemies that seek to thwart their mission. The game rewards strategic thinking and quick reflexes, offering a satisfying depth that keeps players engaged level after level.

Amid the stardust and cosmic puzzles of Hunter's Moon, secrets await those with the ingenuity to uncover them. Hidden within the game are hints, tips, and cheat codes that can provide a much-needed edge in the tougher levels. These secrets, like distant stars waiting to be discovered, offer everything from extra lives to shortcuts through the galaxy's more labyrinthine constellations. Unearthing these can transform a challenging voyage into a triumphant expedition, ensuring that your mission to harvest the stars is not only successful but legendary.

Loading Hunter's Moon on the Commodore 64 is to venture into a game that masterfully combines elements of strategy, action, and exploration. It's an invitation to pilot your starship through the galaxy's most intricate constellations, facing down challenges and unraveling the puzzles that lie within the cosmos. The universe is vast, and its mysteries are waiting to be unlocked. Are you ready to take the helm and steer your way through the celestial challenges that await? The hunt is on, and the moon's secrets are yours to discover.

Infinite Lives (AR)

After loading the game, hit the left button on your Action Replay (or similar) reset cartridge and select "E" from the menu. Then, enter POKE 8155,165 to access unlimited lives. Hit Return and F3 to return to the game.

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