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Type in WIGAN RLFC while on the highscore table. This will activate a cheat mode that allows you to hig A within gameplay to regain your armor once it is lost. You may additionally press S to skip a whole level.


In order to perform the following cheats, you must use a reset cartridge (preferably an Action Replay cartridge), that allows you to reset the game once it's loaded before entering the following POKE commands:

For extra lives (where X is the number of lives you'd like to start with):
POKE 11615,X

Infinite lives:
POKE 10798,165

To change speed (where Y is the clock speed; 1=fastest, 255=slowest):
POKE 13857,Y

Stop the clock (infinite time):
POKE 13860,165

God mode (prevents bad guys from injuring you, but allows you to back the bajeezus out of them :) :
POKE 18813,208

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