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Ghosts 'n Goblins - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

This one certainly brings back the memories. I love this game!

Let's dive headfirst into the pixelated peril of Ghosts-n-Goblins, where the Commodore 64 morphs into a realm of nightmares, heroism, and a relentless quest for love amidst the clutches of darkness. This isn't just any old journey through the gloom; it's an 8-bit odyssey that pits the bravest of knights against the ghastliest of ghouls, all in the name of rescuing a damsel in distress. Don your shiniest armor (but beware, it's prone to disappearing at the most inopportune moments) and prepare for a test of skill, patience, and perhaps a bit of insanity.

Ghosts 'n' Goblins sets the stage with a deceptively simple premise: our hero, the noble knight Arthur, must traverse haunted graveyards, sinister forests, and the deepest dungeons to rescue his beloved. But simplicity ends there, as players are thrust into a gauntlet of ghouls, ghosts, and all manner of monstrous foes determined to halt your heroic quest. With only a handful of weapons at your disposal and armor that's all too eager to leave you in your skivvies, the challenge is as relentless as it is unforgiving.

Graphically, the game is a testament to the Commodore 64's ability to bring a haunted world to life. Each level is meticulously crafted, filled with detail that not only adds to the atmosphere but also to the challenge. The sprites of both Arthur and his adversaries are animated with care, bringing a dynamic feel to the showdowns between good and evil. The environments, from the foreboding forests to the ominous castles, are rendered in a way that makes every step forward a step into the unknown.

Gameplay in Ghosts-n-Goblins is as brutal as the legends say. The game demands precision, patience, and a strategic mind capable of choosing the right weapon for the right monster. The difficulty curve is not so much a curve as it is a sheer cliff face, with each level introducing new horrors to overcome. This is classic arcade action at its finest, where victory is earned through trial, error, and an unyielding will to see the quest through.

Yet, even the most valiant knights may find themselves at the mercy of the game's relentless challenges. Fear not, for scattered throughout the haunted landscapes are hints, tips, and cheat codes, like hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered by the worthy. These secrets can provide the edge needed to advance, offering everything from invulnerability spells to the locations of hidden weapons that can turn the tide against the darkness. Discovering these can be as rewarding as landing the final blow on a particularly troublesome demon.

So, if you're ready to steel yourself against the night, to face down horrors that would make lesser men flee, Ghosts-n-Goblins on the Commodore 64 awaits. It's a journey that will test every ounce of your gaming mettle, challenging you to rise above the nightmares and emerge victorious. Prepare your weapons, summon your courage, and remember: in the world of Ghosts-n-Goblins, bravery is just the beginning. The real challenge is surviving long enough to tell the tale.

Poke Cheats (AR)

In order to perform the following cheats, you must use a reset cartridge (preferably an Action Replay cartridge), that allows you to reset the game once it's loaded before entering the following POKE commands:

For extra lives (where X is the number of lives you'd like to start with):
POKE 2175,X

Unlimited lives:
POKE 2358,173

Technicolor baddies (where C is the color of the sprites (0-15)):
POKE 2198,C

Level jump (where Y is the level on which you'd like to start):
POKE 2203,Y

Weapon selection (where W is any of the five weapons (1-5)):
POKE 2214,W

Extra time - gives you nine minutes within which to complete a level:
POKE 2240,9

Unlimited time:
POKE 3901,0

Stop sprite collision detection:
POKE 4170,10

Smart bomb:
POKE 4242,42

Monster Mash...makes the zombies jump around on Level 1:
POKE 7086,10

Allows player to walk through zombies:
POKE 7086,0

Make zombies turn into bags as soon as they appear:
POKE 7086,15

Honeymooner - makes the zombies carry you around:
POKE 7086,12

Anti-gravity zombies:
POKE 7086,13

Turn zombies into spitting plants:
POKE 7086,1

Make plants spit in the wrong direction:
POKE 7488,56

Freeze monsters:
POKE 7777,0

Increase game speed 10-fold (use only if you're daring - or loaded on caffeine):
POKE 12707,255

Encourage the zombies to bring up more pots:
POKE 34042,255

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