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CheatChaser - Cheat Codes for Playstation, Dreamcast, N64 and PC



In order to perform the following cheats, you must use a reset cartridge (preferably an Action Replay cartridge), that allows you to reset the game once it's loaded before entering the following POKE commands:

For extra lives (where X is the number of lives you'd like to start with):
POKE 2175,X

Unlimited lives:
POKE 2358,173

Technicolor baddies (where C is the color of the sprites (0-15)):
POKE 2198,C

Level jump (where Y is the level on which you'd like to start):
POKE 2203,Y

Weapon selection (where W is any of the five weapons (1-5)):
POKE 2214,W

Extra time - gives you nine minutes within which to complete a level:
POKE 2240,9

Unlimited time:
POKE 3901,0

Stop sprite collision detection:
POKE 4170,10

Smart bomb:
POKE 4242,42

Monster Mash...makes the zombies jump around on Level 1:
POKE 7086,10

Allows player to walk through zombies:
POKE 7086,0

Make zombies turn into bags as soon as they appear:
POKE 7086,15

Honeymooner - makes the zombies carry you around:
POKE 7086,12

Anti-gravity zombies:
POKE 7086,13

Turn zombies into spitting plants:
POKE 7086,1

Make plants spit in the wrong direction:
POKE 7488,56

Freeze monsters:
POKE 7777,0

Increase game speed 10-fold (use only if you're daring - or loaded on caffeine):
POKE 12707,255

Encourage the zombies to bring up more pots:
POKE 34042,255

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