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Ghostbusters - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

If there's something strange in your neighborhood gaming console, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64, of course! This isn't just a game; it's an 8-bit homage to the iconic movie that had everyone shouting "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!" back in the '80s. With a proton pack strapped to its code, Ghostbusters melds action, strategy, and supernatural shenanigans into a gameplay experience that's as memorable as the movie's theme song.

The game kicks off with an entrepreneurial spirit that would make Venkman proud, allowing players to kit out their ghostbusting ride with the latest in spectral snaring technology. But it's not all about the gear; it's about the ghosts. New York City is a supernatural hotbed, and it's up to you to navigate the Big Apple's haunted hotspots, trapping ghosts and racking up those fees that keep the lights on at Ghostbusters HQ.

Graphically, Ghostbusters is a blast from the past, showcasing the Commodore 64's ability to bring the ghostly to life. The city map serves as your ghost-hunting playground, dotted with buildings that signal poltergeist problems. When it's time to bust some ghosts, the game shifts to a more detailed view, presenting our heroes and their ectoplasmic adversaries in glorious pixel form. It's here that the game's charm shines, with sprites that capture the essence of ghostbusting with a simplicity that's downright spooky.

Gameplay is a delightful mix of strategy and action. Players must manage their resources wisely, choosing when to buy new equipment and when to hit the streets in search of the supernatural. The ghost-catching sequences are a test of timing and precision, requiring players to position their ghostbusters and deploy their traps with care to avoid letting a ghost slip through their fingers—or worse, getting slimed.

But as any seasoned ghostbuster knows, New York's spectral scene can be unpredictable, and even the best-laid plans can go awry when faced with a city teeming with the undead. Luckily, the game is sprinkled with hints, tips, and cheat codes, secret knowledge passed down from ghostbuster to ghostbuster like a sacred tome. These can be the key to turning a nightmarish infestation into a lucrative haunting, providing everything from the locations of the most active ghost hotspots to tricks for maximizing your ghost-trapping efficiency.

So, if you're ready to strap on your proton pack, jump into the Ecto-1, and take on the ghosts of New York City, Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64 is waiting. It's a game that captures the spirit (pun intended) of the film, blending nostalgia, strategy, and action into an experience that's as fun today as it was when it first hit the scene. Just remember, when someone asks if you're a god (or a ghostbuster), you say "YES!"

Cartridge Pokes

Run the game, then hit the left button on the back of your Action Replay (or similar) cartridge and press E before entering the following codes:

POKE 34777,169 (infinite traps)
POKE 32425,169 (infinite lives)
POKE 38454,96 (mystery cheat - the masked man who submitted this failed to note what result this POKE has, but it may be worth exploring if you're the daring type...daring enough to suck a few hundreds phantoms out of a city, that is.)

Once you're done, press F3 (or enter either SYS 24568 or SYS 24576 if not using AR) to restart the game with cheats intact.

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