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Defender of the Crown - C64 Tips

Game Review & Description

"Defender of the Crown" on the Commodore 64 is a digital time machine, whisking players back to a pixelated version of the Middle Ages that is less about the plague and more about the glory of conquest, jousting, and the occasional damsel rescue. It's like someone took a history book, sprinkled it with fantasy, and turned it into an interactive epic. This game doesn't just let you read about history; it lets you rewrite it, one pixelated castle at a time.

At its core, "Defender of the Crown" is a strategy game that marries the charm of 8-bit graphics with the depth of a chess match against a particularly cunning opponent. Players take on the role of a Saxon lord out to unite England under one flag — preferably their own. The game is a smorgasbord of medieval activities: building armies, laying siege to castles, jousting, and, for the romantics out there, rescuing fair maidens.

The game's graphics are a feast for the eyes, assuming your eyes have a taste for the artfully blocky and brilliantly basic. Each screen is a window into a simpler time when men were men, women were pixels, and castles were both the home and the battlefield. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is a collection of chiptunes that manage to be both rousing and reflective, perfectly setting the stage for your medieval machinations.

"Defender of the Crown" is as challenging as convincing a cat to perform a synchronized swimming routine. Success requires strategic thinking, a keen understanding of medieval warfare, and perhaps a touch of ruthlessness. Whether you're storming a castle or competing in a joust, the game demands your best medieval mettle.

"Defender of the Crown" is a classic title that combines strategy, action, and a touch of historical fantasy into a compelling package. So, gather your armies, sharpen your lance, and prepare to claim your crown. The realm awaits its true ruler, and with these hints, you're one step closer to uniting England under your banner. Just remember, in the world of "Defender of the Crown," the line between victor and vanquished is as thin as a sword's edge.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

For those ready to don their digital chainmail and take up the quest to become the true "Defender of the Crown," here are a few genuine hints and tips to guide you to victory:

  1. Balance Your Forces: While it's tempting to throw all your resources into creating an invincible army, remember that you also need to defend your lands and keep your coffers healthy. Balance is key to enduring success.
  2. Choose Your Battles Wisely: Not every castle is worth the siege, and not every enemy is worth the confrontation. Evaluate the strength of your opponents and the strategic value of their territories before committing to battle.
  3. Master the Joust: Jousting can be a quick way to gain land and honor. Focus on timing your lance strikes and learning the patterns of your opponents to unhorse them more effectively.
  4. Invest in Catapults for Sieges: When laying siege to a castle, catapults can significantly increase your chances of success. They require a hefty investment but can turn the tide in your favor.
  5. Keep an Eye on Your Neighbors: Your fellow lords are not just opponents; they're also potential allies. Pay attention to their movements and don't be afraid to strike temporary alliances if it suits your strategy.

Defender of the Crown Unlockables

This one I haven't actually tried, but have it on good authority that there is a way to unlock all resources. To do this, begin by calling a tournament once you have gained enough land. Then, once the jousting activity begins, focus on lancing the enemy's steed in the head. It sounds cruel, but remember that these are just pixels. If you hit your target you will be expelled from the tournament and all of your land will be stripped. Once that's done, raid your own previous castle, but do not acquire it. If this works correctly, it should trigger a glitch in your cash collection, allowing you to buy all of the soldiers you need to fill your garrison using this unlimited supply of resources. What a clever hack.

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