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Chase HQ for the Commodore 64 - Hints and Cheats

Game Review & Description

Buckle up for high-speed justice in Chase HQ, the Commodore 64 game that puts you in the driver's seat of a police pursuit vehicle with a license to chase. This isn't just another racing game; it's an adrenaline-fueled pursuit of law and order, where catching the criminal is just as important as crossing the finish line. Chase HQ is the epitome of 80s cop action, delivering a blend of arcade thrills and vehicular strategy that makes every high-speed chase a test of nerve and skill.

From the moment you hit the ignition in Chase HQ, the Commodore 64 roars to life with vibrant graphics that capture the essence of a high-speed chase through city streets, coastal highways, and treacherous mountain passes. The game's visuals are a love letter to the era of turbocharged cop cars and sunglasses at night, with detailed sprites and dynamic backgrounds that immerse you in the pursuit. Each level is a cinematic experience, complete with a rogue's gallery of felonious fugitives in their own souped-up getaway cars.

Gameplay in Chase HQ is as intense as its premise. As an elite member of the police force's Chase HQ unit, you're tasked with apprehending a series of increasingly slippery suspects. But this isn't about merely racing; it's about tactical ramming, precision driving, and making full use of your turbo boosts to close the gap on your quarry. The Commodore 64's joystick becomes an extension of your will as you weave through traffic, dodge obstacles, and execute daring maneuvers to bring the bad guys to justice.

But the chase is only half the battle in Chase HQ. Once you've caught up to the suspect, the real challenge begins. Bumping their vehicle to wear down its health bar, you must balance aggression with control, pushing them to the brink without wrecking your own ride. This delicate dance of demolition derby and police procedure is what sets Chase HQ apart, making every capture a triumph of timing and tactics.

The sound design of Chase HQ is a high-octane soundtrack to law enforcement, with pulsing chiptunes that evoke the urgency of the chase and sound effects that bring the action to life. The roar of engines, the screech of tires, and the satisfying crunch of successful ramming maneuvers are all rendered in glorious 8-bit audio, complementing the visual feast and completing the immersive experience.

For those daring drivers ready to take up the badge and hit the gas in Chase HQ, a dossier of hints, tips, and cheat codes is waiting to be uncovered. These insider insights are your guide to mastering the game's toughest challenges, from outmaneuvering the most evasive suspects to making the most of your turbo boosts. Whether you're a seasoned arcade racer or a rookie to the high-speed pursuit, these strategies will help you uphold the law and ensure justice is served, one turbo-charged takedown at a time.

So, adjust your mirror, set your siren to stun, and prepare for a pursuit like no other in Chase HQ. It's more than just a game; it's a white-knuckle ride through the golden age of arcade action, where the line between the good guys and the bad guys is drawn at 150 mph. The chase is on, and in the world of Chase HQ, speed is the law.

Infinite Turbos

Those turbos can really heat things up! The only problem is the limited number of time that they may be used. Well, if you have a reset cartridge that allows you to enter POKEs without SYS commands (such as an Action Replay cartridge), you can simply reset the game and enter 36702,173 for an unlimited supply of turbos!

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