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Bruce Lee - C64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Step into the dojo of digital dexterity with Bruce Lee, the Commodore 64 game that catapults players into a pixelated adventure teeming with action, acrobatics, and the martial arts mastery of its eponymous hero. This isn't just a game; it's a high-flying, fist-throwing journey through a labyrinth of danger and discovery, where the spirit of the legendary martial artist lives on in 8-bit form. Bruce Lee combines the thrill of platforming with the finesse of kung fu, challenging players to punch, kick, and leap their way through a series of increasingly perilous levels in pursuit of enlightenment and high scores.

As the game flickers to life on your Commodore 64, you're greeted by a vibrant tapestry of graphics that capture the essence of adventure. The game's levels are a homage to the mysterious and exotic, from dark dungeons to treacherous temples, each rendered with an attention to detail that pulls players into Bruce's quest. The sprite of Bruce Lee himself moves with a fluidity that's both impressive and immersive, allowing players to execute a repertoire of martial arts moves with the press of a button.

Gameplay in Bruce Lee is a kinetic blend of action and exploration. Players guide Bruce through a variety of obstacles and enemies, including the relentless ninja and the formidable Green Yamo, both determined to halt your quest. The game's mechanics are simple yet profoundly engaging, requiring both timing and strategy to overcome. Collecting lanterns unlocks doors, revealing new areas and challenges, while combat sequences demand a combination of quick reflexes and tactical prowess.

But Bruce Lee is more than a mere brawl; it's a strategic sojourn through a world filled with secrets and shortcuts. The levels are designed not just for confrontation but for discovery, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny for hidden paths and items that can aid in their quest. The game rewards the curious and the brave, offering multiple routes and strategies for those willing to look beyond the obvious path.

The sound design complements the action perfectly, with a soundtrack that enhances the game's atmosphere and sound effects that bring the combat and exploration to life. The clang of collecting lanterns, the thud of defeated foes, and the iconic yells of Bruce Lee himself are auditory cues that enrich the gameplay, adding depth to the digital dojo.

For those intrepid souls ready to walk in the footsteps of a legend, a collection of hints, tips, and cheat codes is hidden within the game's code. These secrets are the keys to mastering the game, from uncovering the most efficient paths through each level to executing the perfect sequence of moves to dispatch enemies. Whether you're a martial arts aficionado or a platforming prodigy, these insights will help you harness the spirit of Bruce Lee, turning each playthrough into a journey of discovery and dominance.

So, lace up your sneakers, tighten your black belt, and prepare for an adventure that's as challenging as it is charming. Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64 is more than just a game; it's a tribute to the skill, philosophy, and enduring legacy of one of martial arts' greatest icons, inviting players to kick, punch, and leap their way into history. The quest for glory begins now, and in the world of Bruce Lee, every player has the chance to become a legend.

Cartridge Pokes

Run the game, then hit the left button on the back of your Action Replay (or similar) cartridge and press E before entering the following codes:

POKE 6182,165 (Falls)

Once you're done, press F3 to restart the game immune to falls.

Before you head off, if you're interested to learn more about the real person who inspired this game, find out about the ultimate martial arts master at About Bruce Lee.

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