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BMX Kidz - Commodore 64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Prepare to pedal into the pixelated past with BMX Kidz on the Commodore 64, a game that captures the essence of 80s BMX culture with the charm and challenge of classic arcade action. This isn't just a cycling simulator; it's an adrenaline-pumping, wheelie-popping journey through a world where your BMX is your best friend and gravity is merely a suggestion. BMX Kidz delivers a nostalgia-fueled ride down memory lane, complete with all the ramps, jumps, and obstacles you'd expect from a top-tier biking bonanza.

From the get-go, BMX Kidz dazzles with graphics that are a testament to the Commodore 64's capability to bring vibrant and engaging worlds to life. The game's courses are a kaleidoscope of 8-bit beauty, with each track offering its own unique set of challenges. Whether you're navigating suburban streets or tackling treacherous trails, the attention to detail in the pixel art creates an immersive experience that's as visually appealing as it is fun.

Gameplay in BMX Kidz is where the rubber meets the road. Players take control of their digital doppelgänger in a series of races and time trials that test both their speed and agility. It's not just about crossing the finish line first; it's about doing it with style. Performing tricks, from simple bunny hops to gravity-defying backflips, not only scores points but also the admiration of pixelated peers. But beware, the path to BMX glory is littered with obstacles, from perilous potholes to nefarious neighborhood dogs, each ready to turn your ride into a wipeout.

But BMX Kidz is more than just a solo sprint to the finish line; it's a competition in the truest sense. The game pits you against a cadre of computer-controlled competitors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Learning the ins and outs of each track, mastering the timing of jumps, and optimizing your trick repertoire are key to leaving your rivals in the dust (or, more accurately, the pixels).

The soundtrack is a chiptune ode to the era, with beats that pump you up and keep your fingers tapping as fast as your in-game counterpart's legs are pedaling. Coupled with the sound effects of wheels spinning, ramps launching, and the inevitable crashes, the audio experience of BMX Kidz is a delightful complement to the on-screen action, making each race not just a challenge, but a party.

For those ready to don their virtual helmets and take to the digital BMX circuit, a treasure trove of hints, tips, and cheat codes awaits. These secrets are the keys to unlocking your full potential on the track, from finding the fastest lines to executing the most point-laden tricks. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the BMX scene, these insights will help you pedal your way to the top of the leaderboard. So, grab your joystick, rev up those virtual pedals, and prepare for a ride that's as thrilling as it is nostalgic. BMX Kidz is waiting, and the championship is just a few flips, jumps, and races away.

Infinite Time (AR)

After loading the game, hit the left button on your Action Replay (or similar) reset cartridge and select "E" from the menu. Then, enter POKE 9004,189 to gain access to unlimited time. Hit Return and F3 (or enter SYS8192 if yours is not an AR cart) to return to the game.

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