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No-one likes being stuck in a scarey school - or any school, for that matter. To that end, the Cheat Chaser team has dedicated itself to providing you with a full walkthrough to guide your through this somewhat challenging game. For the benefit of the lawyers (and webmasters) in our midst, this guide remains the copyright of Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd, our parent company, and may not be reproduced on any other sites or in any other media. That out of the way, here goes:


Starting at the cauldron, take two rights, then move up. There, you will find the flour. Get this and go back down before traveling left twice in order to return to the cauldron. Drop the flour in the cauldron.

Now, go right, right, right, right, and right once more for good luck (are you dizzy yet?). Fall down and progress right once more. Grab the perfume, go left thrice (that's old-school speak for three times) and get the fish. Go left once more before grabbing the toilet roll. Now go down, left, down and left before beaming yourself through the teleport unit.

After re-materialising, go left and left again. Drop both the fish and the perfume into the cauldron (can you smell that lowely brew developing?). Go right fwice (okay, there's no old-school word for four-times, but that's how many times you should turn right in any case ;)). Get the toilet roll - don't be tempted to use it now - and go right before falling down. Go left, left left, down and left again. Then get the bottle of pop and travel further down, before veering to your left. Take a trip through the tingly teleporter and go left twice. Drop the pop into the cauldron and you'll zoom up to level 2. Not a bad start so far. :D


Hopefully you haven't worn out your desire to mix magical cocktails, since the central process that must be carried out during this level is, as in the last, to concoct a potion - this time to make a bubble that is able to facilitate underwater travel.

Starting from level one, go left and then take the next left. Pick up the eyeball (I hope you're wearing a Michael Jackson glove), and move up, up and up again. Go right before picking up the scones (they would have made a tasty snack if you hadn't already been playing with a rotten eyeball). Now go right, down, right and down again at which point you should reach the second cauldron. Drop the scones and eyeball into the cauldron (anyone remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?).

Once you've recovered from mourning your lost scones go up, left, up and move right into the lower section. Go right again and grab the bubble gum. Go left twice before heading up and right. Take the next two rights before picking up the air cylinder and continuing left. Go left again, before progressing down, right and down once more to return to the bubbling brew. Drop the gum and air cylinder into the cauldron.

When you're ready go up, turn left and then continue down until the chance arises to turn right into the first level. Go right, right, right and right once more, then move up and get the torch. Go down and right. Fall down and progress right and down again. Get your third toilet roll for the day (must be all the fibre in those eyeball scones), go down and right into...da da da daah...level 3.


Even with our guide by your side, you're going to have to keep one eye on the time limit here, so we'll get right into it.

Starting from the jetty and keeping in mind the fact that you're as waterproof as...well, you pick your own lame pun to fill this gap...take a flying leap off the jetty and move down through your aquatic surroundings twice. Go right and move up, up and up. Continue right until the opportunity to exit the water presents itself. Jump from the water, go right as far as possible and leap onto the pillars where the alarm clock is to be found. Grab the ticker and keep going left before jumping back into the water.

Go left, left, and continue down, down and down again. Go left and then back up until reaching the jetty. Jump onto the jetty and move back left into level 1.

Keep moving left and enter the ever-faithful teleporter. Now, go left and left again, and instead of dumping junk into the cauldron, leap onto it to reach the second level. Go up twice and then turn left into the one-and-only Hamish McTavish's bedroom. Now, take a brisk stroll onto the platform above him to complete your mission. Yeehah! (now you'll have to find another hobby ;))

Written by Joshua Smith. Copyright 2001 Curiosity Cave Pty Ltd. This may not be reproduced in any form except for one's personal, non-profit use.

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