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The following are a great range of POKE cheats to help the artistic (or colorblind) C64 junkie edit the appearance of the Battle Valley world. To use these, load the game and use a reset switch to return to the command prompt, then enter the POKE commands of choice before entering the SYS code to return to the game.

To disable time:
POKE 16371,0

To change title color (0-15 suggests that after the comma, you should choose a figure between 0 and 15 to activate the corresponding color):
POKE 26087,(0-15)

To change foreground colors:
POKE 11612,(0-15)
POKE 11617,(0-15)

To change mid-ground colors:
POKE 11341,(0-15)
POKE 11346,(0-15)
POKE 11351,(0-15)

To change background colors:
POKE 11130,(0-15)
POKE 11135,(0-15)
POKE 11140,(0-15)

To return to game:
SYS 25952

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