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Action Biker - C64 Gaming Cheats

Game Review & Description

Dive into the pixel-paved world of Action Biker, where the heroes don't wear capes – they wear helmets. This isn't just another Commodore 64 game; it's a two-wheeled adventure that turns every player into a virtual Evel Knievel, minus the broken bones and the flashy jumpsuits.

In Action Biker, you're not just riding a motorcycle; you're commandeering a pixel powerhouse capable of defying the very laws of 8-bit physics. This game was less about the destination and more about the journey – a journey filled with jumps, bumps, and an array of obstacles that could turn your digital biking dreams into a crash-course nightmare.

The graphics? Imagine a world where every color of the 64-palette was used to paint a masterpiece of motorcycle mayhem. Each level was a visual feast, a testament to the glory days when pixels were king and high resolution was just a twinkle in a gamer's eye.

And the soundtrack – oh, the soundtrack! It was a symphony of synthesized tunes that could have you bobbing your head one moment and tensely gripping your joystick the next. Each beep and bop was like music to the ears of any self-respecting retro gaming aficionado.

But let's talk gameplay. Action Biker was not for the faint of joystick. It demanded precision, patience, and a healthy dose of daredevilry. Dodging obstacles and navigating through the game's treacherous terrain was a test of skill and a badge of honor for those who could master it.

For those brave bikers looking to rev up their game, a collection of handy hints, tips, and cheat codes awaits just a scroll away. These are not just tips; they are the secret sauce, the hidden gems that can transform a regular biker into an Action Biker legend. So put on your virtual helmet, rev up your digital engine, and let the blocky biking bonanza begin!


After loading the game, use a reset switch or cartridge to return to the command prompt, then type POKE 2398,173 and hit RETURN. Then, input the command SYS 9982 to return to the game with unlimited lives!

If you have an Action Replay or similar cartridge, infinite lives may also be achieved by freezing the game and entering POKE 19287,173, and returning by entering SYS13312 if yours is not an AR cart.

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