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Xenon II - Game Cheats for Amiga 500

Game Review & Description

Prepare to blast off into the neon-drenched, bullet-riddled cosmos of Xenon II, a game that takes the shoot 'em up genre, flips it into the next galaxy, and then accelerates to ludicrous speed. This isn't just any space odyssey; it's a hyperdrive journey through waves of enemies that are as bizarre as they are relentless, set to a soundtrack that's pure synthesized euphoria. With every level, Xenon II dares to ask the question, "Can you handle the intensity?" and then answers it with a resounding, "Probably not, but you'll have a blast trying."

From the moment you engage thrusters, Xenon II sets the visual standard with its detailed sprites, mesmerizing backgrounds, and explosions that are as beautiful as they are deadly. This game is a feast for the eyes, painting its pixel-perfect carnage against a canvas of deep space and alien landscapes that are as varied as they are vibrant. It's like someone took the concept of space, threw in a few buckets of neon paint, and then cranked the awesome dial to eleven.

Gameplay in Xenon II is a masterclass in shoot 'em up design, combining smooth scrolling with an arsenal of weapons that would make any intergalactic armorer green with envy. The power-up system is where the game truly shines, offering players a strategic layer to the non-stop action. Choosing the right upgrades is crucial, as you navigate through asteroid fields, enemy formations, and bosses that are so massive, they barely fit on the screen. It's a ballet of bullets, where grace is measured in firepower, and survival depends on your ability to dance between the raindrops of enemy fire.

But what truly sets Xenon II apart from the celestial crowd is its iconic soundtrack, courtesy of Bomb the Bass. It's a pulse-pounding beat that not only sets the pace of the game but gets your head nodding and your heart racing. This isn't just background music; it's the soundtrack to your interstellar rampage, perfectly complementing the on-screen chaos.

And let's not forget about the challenge. Xenon II doesn't pull its punches. The difficulty curve is steep, a veritable mountain of alien adversaries that tests your reflexes, your strategy, and your patience. But fear not, brave pilot, for the satisfaction of overcoming these odds is as sweet as victory in deep space can get.

For those intrepid spacefarers looking to carve their name among the stars, a galaxy of hints, tips, and cheat codes awaits below. These are the secrets to mastering the cosmos, from navigating the trickiest asteroid fields to selecting the weapon upgrades that will turn your ship into a veritable Death Star. So, lock in your coordinates, charge up your blasters, and prepare for a journey to the outer reaches of gaming greatness with Xenon II. The universe is waiting, and it's time to show it what you're made of.


Those Amiga users who own Action Replay cartridges should change memory location CCB to value FF in order to gain infinite lives. To change the game's scrolling speed, change location CCD to a value between 00 and 09 (with 09 being the fastest).

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