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Silkworm - Amiga 500 Hints and Tips

Game Review & Description

Buckle up and get ready for a high-octane thrill ride with Silkworm, the Amiga 500 classic that turned the shoot 'em up genre on its head with a unique twist: choose your vehicle, a nimble helicopter or a ground-pounding jeep, and blast your way through enemy lines in a symphony of destruction that's as exhilarating as it is relentless.

From the moment you throttle up, Silkworm sets the stage with graphics that were a cut above the rest. The scrolling landscapes, detailed sprites, and explosive effects create a warzone that's both beautiful and deadly. Whether you're weaving through a hail of bullets in the sky or dodging obstacles on the ground, the game's visuals keep you immersed in the action, making every mission feel like a blockbuster action movie.

But what truly makes Silkworm stand out from the crowd is its co-op gameplay. This isn't just about shooting everything in sight; it's about teamwork, strategy, and playing to your vehicle's strengths. The helicopter provides air support, raining death from above, while the jeep holds the line on the ground, taking out threats and clearing a path forward. It's a ballet of bullets and bombs that requires more than just quick reflexes; it demands coordination and a battle-hardened bond between pilots.

Gameplay is fast, furious, and unforgiving. Enemies come at you from all directions, with ground troops, tanks, and rival choppers all aiming to take you down. Power-ups and weapon upgrades are your lifeline, giving you the edge you need to survive the onslaught. Whether you're unleashing a spread shot or laying waste with homing missiles, Silkworm makes you feel like the ultimate warrior.

The sound design is a masterpiece of digital warfare, with a soundtrack that pumps you up for battle and sound effects that make every explosion feel like it's happening right in your living room. It's the kind of auditory experience that not only complements the visuals but elevates the entire game, making each session an adrenaline-fueled escapade.

For those daring enough to take on the challenge, a cache of hints, tips, and cheat codes lies below, ready to arm you with the knowledge to dominate the battlefield. From uncovering the best tactics to defeat bosses to maximizing the effectiveness of power-ups, these secrets are your ace in the hole, the difference between victory and defeat. So grab your flight stick or take the wheel; Silkworm is waiting, and glory is just a missile launch away.


There are two known methods through which to gain unlimited lives in this classic shoot-em-up. The first technique is carried out during gameplay. Hold down the HELP key and press the button on your joystick.

If this doesn't work, you may activate cheat mode by making a visit to the option screen and typing in scrap 28.


After activating cheat mode (as per above), you may use the function keys to change the speed of play, and the number keys to skip to various levels.

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