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Chase HQ - Amiga 500 Gaming Hints

Game Review & Description

Before The Fast & the Furious, this was the adrenaline-fueled car crime caper that we knew and loved. Rev your engines and get ready for high-octane action with Chase HQ on the Amiga 500, a thrilling ride that takes arcade racing to dizzying new heights. This isn't your average Sunday drive; it's a pedal-to-the-metal, siren-blaring pursuit of justice, where you play a cop hot on the heels of the most elusive criminals.

The game's graphics are a love letter to the late '80s, with chunky sprites and neon-lit cityscapes that scream retro cool. Each level is a high-speed chase through varied terrains, from bustling city streets to treacherous mountain roads, all rendered in glorious 16-bit detail. The sense of speed is exhilarating, as buildings and trees whiz by in a blur, creating an immersive experience that'll glue you to your seat.

But Chase HQ is more than just a visual treat. The gameplay is a masterclass in arcade-style racing. You're not just trying to beat the clock; you're up against crafty criminals who'll do anything to shake you off their tail. Your car, equipped with turbo boosts and the ability to ram suspects, is your weapon in this high-speed game of cat and mouse. Timing your boosts and planning your attacks is crucial, making each successful bust feel like a triumph.

The soundtrack is the cherry on top, with pulse-pounding tunes that match the game's intensity. It's the kind of music that gets your blood pumping and makes you feel like a bona fide action hero.

And for those looking for an extra edge, you've come to the right place. Below, you'll find a selection of hints, tips, and cheat codes for Chase HQ. These insider secrets will help you take down the bad guys more efficiently and maybe, just maybe, etch your name in the high-score table. So buckle up, hit the sirens, and let's chase down some justice!


This is quite a bizarre cheat, but may entertain those who can't get enough of those gopher bashing games. ;) After inserting the disk into the drive, start hitting the space bar as quickly as possible, and keep doing this until the whole game has loaded and the mission briefing screen has passed. This will drive your top speed through the roof. In order to keep this cheat going, you'll have to start hitting the space bar again after catching the first criminal and between each level.


During gameplay, depress both the left mouse button and the fire button while typing GROWLER. This will equip you with the ability to reset to clock to 60 seconds by pressing T.

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