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Burning Soldier - 3DO Gaming Cheats

Game Review & Description

Blast off into a sci-fi extravaganza with Burning Soldier, a game that rocketed onto the 3DO platform like a photon torpedo of fun! This isn't just any space shooter; it's a cosmic ballet of lasers and explosions that'll have you glued to your seat and your thumbs on overdrive.

The year is 2095, and Earth is under siege by the sinister Kaisertian Empire. These interstellar invaders aren't here to make friends – they're here to turn Earth into the latest addition to their galactic empire. But fear not, for you are Earth's last line of defense, piloting the most advanced starfighter known to humankind. Your mission? Blast those Kaisertian goons back to the starry abyss from whence they came!

Burning Soldier is a rail shooter, which means you're on a pre-determined path through the stars, with only your reflexes and trigger finger to guide you. The game hurtles you through space and alien landscapes at breakneck speeds, with enemy ships, turrets, and monstrous space beasts all gunning for you. The action is non-stop, with wave after wave of Kaisertian forces trying to overwhelm you.

The graphics in Burning Soldier are a visual feast. Space battles come to life with vibrant colors and detailed spacecraft designs. The backdrops are a mix of star-studded space vistas and alien landscapes, each brimming with detail and atmosphere. The explosions – oh, the explosions! – are satisfyingly chunky, lighting up the screen with every enemy you reduce to space dust.

The controls are tight and responsive, crucial for the split-second decisions you'll need to make. With a range of weapons at your disposal, including lasers, missiles, and the ever-satisfying charge shot, you'll need to switch tactics on the fly to handle the different threats the Kaisertians throw at you.

But it's not just about shooting everything in sight (though that's a big part of it). Success in Burning Soldier requires a keen eye and sharp reflexes. You'll need to memorize attack patterns, know when to dodge, and when to unleash hell. It's a dance of death in the cold void of space, and you're the lead dancer.

The sound design immerses you fully in the experience. The roar of your engines, the pew-pew of your lasers, and the booming explosions create a symphony of sci-fi warfare. The electronic soundtrack pumps up the adrenaline, perfectly matching the game's high-octane action.

And for those intrepid space pilots looking to make their mark in the annals of space warfare, look no further. Below, you'll find a treasure trove of hints, tips, and cheat codes for Burning Soldier. These insider secrets will help you get the upper hand against the Kaisertian Empire, whether you're struggling with a tough level or just looking to max out your high score. So strap in, charge your lasers, and let's show these aliens what Earthlings are made of!


While on the Options screen, press LS + RS + C + X + RIGHT on Controller Two to access the Debug Menu. Within this menu, seven new options are available. These are:

Enemy Missile
Set to "None" to prevent enemies from firing back.
Always Boss Clear
Set to "Yes" to automatically defeat the Boss at the end of each level.
Data Stream Jump
Set to "Exist" and press RS to move to the next stage, or LS to move to the previous stage of each area during gameplay.
Area Select Menu
Set to "On" to allow gameplay to start at any of the four areas or view the ending scene.
Force Pause Cancel
Set to "On" to allow pressing P to stop gameplay instead of pausing.
Pause Display
Set to "Off" to prevent the word "PAUSE" from appearing on the screen.
Four Player Mode
Set to "On" to allow four players to play simultaneously.

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