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BladeForce - 3DO Cheats & Hints

Game Review & Description

Welcome to the futuristic, high-flying world of BladeForce, a game that soared onto the 3DO platform with guns blazing and thrusters at full blast. This isn't just a game; it's a cybernetic joyride into a dystopian future, where you're the hero with a jetpack and a mission.

The year is 2110, and the world as we know it has been reshaped by mega-corporations and rampant crime. Enter BladeForce, the ultimate peacekeeping force equipped with state-of-the-art jetpacks and enough firepower to level a small army. You, brave player, are the newest recruit, strapped into a flying arsenal, ready to dish out justice, 3DO style.

The game drops you into sprawling, 3D cityscapes, a feat that was nothing short of revolutionary at the time. You're not just moving side to side here; you're soaring up, diving down, spinning around, all in the pursuit of criminal scum. The sense of freedom is exhilarating – there's nothing quite like jetpacking over a neon-lit metropolis, guns at the ready, with the fate of the city in your hands.

BladeForce's graphics are a cyberpunk feast for the eyes, with towering skyscrapers, blinking neon, and gritty streets that bring this dark future to life. The character models and enemies might have that charming '90s polygon look, but they add to the game's retro-futuristic charm.

Combat is fast, furious, and airborne. Your jetpack isn't just for show; it's your primary means of navigation and a critical component of your battle strategy. You'll need to master the art of flight to dodge enemy fire, close in for the kill, and navigate the game's intricate environments. The arsenal at your disposal is nothing to scoff at, with lasers, missiles, and more, ready to be unleashed on the hordes of enemies.

But BladeForce isn't all about brute force; there's a brain behind the brawn. You'll need to tackle various missions, each with its objectives and challenges. From rescuing hostages to taking out key targets, the game keeps you on your toes with a variety of tasks, ensuring the gameplay never gets stale.

And here's the cherry on top for all you aspiring jetpack vigilantes: Below, you'll find a collection of hints, tips, and cheat codes for BladeForce. These golden nuggets of wisdom will help you maximize your firepower, uncover secrets, and maybe even find a few Easter eggs hidden by the developers. Whether you're struggling to complete a tricky mission or just looking to have a bit more fun with your jetpack, these tips are your secret weapon. So power up, take to the skies, and let's bring some order to this chaotic future!


Once you've grown tired of seeing the same old levels again and again, this option may come in very handy to help you hake the most of the game. Entering one of the following codes as your player name before start the game will load the corresponding level into the very same level editor that was used by the development team. Each of the functions mentioned below may be made in order to alter each level, though the Save feature has been disabled.

1. YTMHNPA (Training mission)
8. YTMHNPH (Bonus level)

The editor options screen offers you the following choices:

  • Save file (this option is disabled)
  • Paste (allows objects to be pasted)
  • Delete (allows objects to be cut)
  • Copy (allows objects to be copied)
  • Stack (allows objects to be stacked on one another)
  • Texture (allows an object's texture map to be changed)
  • Paste Node (allows a game "screen" to be pasted)
  • Copy Node (allows a game "screen" to be copied)
  • Edit Node Y (default value)
  • Quit (restarts the game)
  • While in an editor option, hit B to cycle through actions, C to execute the current selection, X to allow the current level to be played, and P to display the editor option screen.

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