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Ballz: The Director's Cut - Gaming Hints

Game Review & Description

Welcome to the zany, off-the-wall universe of Ballz - The Directors Cut, where the gaming experience is anything but conventional! This 3DO gem, a cult classic, takes the concept of fighting games and flips it on its head, or should we say, on its balls?

Imagine a world where fighters aren't bound by the mundane limits of flesh and bone but are instead, well, balls! That's right, each character in this game is a unique assembly of colorful spheres, bouncing and rolling into combat with a cartoonish flair that's as hilarious as it is innovative.

From the get-go, Ballz - The Directors Cut presents a roster of characters that are as absurd as they are endearing. There's a ball-formed monkey, a dancing ballerina, and even a ball-shaped bull, each with their own quirky moves and specials. The animations are a sight to behold – a fluid, albeit bizarre, dance of spheres that somehow conveys personality and fighting style.

The gameplay is where Ballz truly shines. It's a 3D fighting experience that feels both familiar and wildly different. The controls are intuitive, allowing players to execute a variety of kicks, punches, and special moves, all with a satisfying bounciness. The depth of the 3D environment adds a strategic layer to the fights, as you maneuver your spherical warrior around your opponent, looking for that perfect angle of attack.

Graphics-wise, Ballz is a product of its time, with a certain retro charm that will bring a smile to any nostalgic gamer's face. The environments are simple but effective, providing a variety of backdrops for your ball-battling antics. The sound effects and music add to the whimsical nature of the game, with each thud, smack, and victory jingle reinforcing the game's light-hearted approach.

What sets Ballz - The Directors Cut apart is its tongue-in-cheek humor. This game doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you. It's a playful romp through a world where physics is more of a suggestion, and where laughter is as common as a well-placed uppercut.

And for those who wish to master the art of spherical combat, fear not! Below, you'll find an arsenal of hints, tips, and cheat codes to elevate your game. Whether you aim to perfect your combos, discover secret moves, or just want to see what happens when you press a mysterious sequence of buttons, these tidbits are your key to becoming a Ballz champion. So, grab your controller, pick your ballsy fighter, and let the hilarity ensue!


To make all boss characters available for Character 1 to play, pause gameplay and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, C, RIGHT, A, C, A, LEFT, LEFT.


In order to give yourself unlimited time, pause the game and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, B, LEFT, A, B, LEFT, A, B, LEFT, A. This may have to be attempted a few times before taking effect.


Pause the match before pressing B, A, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, A, RIGHT, DOWN, B, A, LEFT, LEFT in sequence. This will increase the size of the ballz slightly each time the code is entered.


To shrink the balls and give your character a rather skeletal shape as a consequence, pause the game and press A, B, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, A, DOWN, A, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP.


To turn your own character black-and-white, pause the game and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, B, A, LEFT, LEFT.


To turn your opponent black-and-white, pause the game and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, B, LEFT, A, C, B, A, LEFT, LEFT, UP.


To create a stealthy set of ballz, pause the game and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, B, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, B, A, LEFT, LEFT.


This cheat code allows controller two to manipulate the camera during gameplay, in the same fashion as what can take place during instant replay. In order to activate this control, press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, A, DOWN, DOWN, A, C, A, B, A, RIGHT, A while the game is paused.


As above, it's possible to control the camera during a two-player game if you have a third controller available. In order to activate this, pause the game and enter B, A, LEFT, LEFT, A, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, A, DOWN, A, RIGHT on controller one.


Pause the game and press B, A, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A, C, UP, LEFT, A in order.


To claim victory with a single strike, pause the game and enter B, A, LEFT, LEFT, C, LEFT, UP, B, UP, B, A, DOWN.


Away, Toward, AHead hurl (shoulder level)
Away, Toward, BBowl head at opponent
Up + AJack-in-the-box
Right, Down, Left, Up, ASelf destruct
Left, Left, BLeft handstand kick
Right, Right, BRight handstand kick
Down, Up + CDive bomb
Down, A + BPunch at three times arms length
Toward, Toward, TowardCharge
C, A + BKick with both feet
B (when close)Finger spin
Down, Toward, BPower kick
Right, Left, A + CMorphing Move
Grapple winKick in the pants
TauntButt waggle
Jester prizeLamprey Boss
Left, Left, BCartwheel left
Right, Right, BCartwheel right
Down, Down, BSlide tackle
Right, Down, Left, Up, ATornado
Back, Toward, BKick ball at opponent
Back, Toward, AThrow ball at opponent
C, Down, DownStomp ground and shake opponent off feet
C, A + CKick high with both legs while in air
Down + A + B (when close)Reach out and sweep opponent off their feet
Up, Down, Up, DownDo jumping jacks (heal)
Toward, Toward, TowardCharge
Right + B + CSidestep to right
Left + B + CSidestep to left
Down, B + CDuck uppercut
Down, Up, ABuckle heave
Away, Toward, ABuckle toss
Away, Toward, BBuckle kick
C, A + BKick with both feet
B (when close)Grab opponent and break them over knee
Toward, Away, TowardSpin around with arms outstretched
Down, Left, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winHeadlock pummel
TauntFlip off
FatalityHead plant slam
Post-fatalityPlay soccer
Jester prizeLamprey Boss
Toward, Toward, TowardCharge
Away, Toward, AUnderhand horn heave
Away, Up, AOverhead horn heave
Toward, Toward, AUse horn to stab at opponent
Away, Away, ALean back and crank arm
Away, Toward, CHorn slide
Up, Down, AGrand slam
Up, Toward, BackFoot stomp
Up, Down, UpGround shaker
B (when close)Lift opponent up and gore them
Left, Down, ACharge left, then at opponent
Right, Down, ACharge right, then at opponent
Down, Right, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winUpside down headkick
TauntFlip off
Post-fatalityRhino bounce
Jester prizeT-Wrecks Boss
A + B when closeFlip and throw opponent
Toward, Toward, TowardReverse cartwheel head scissors
Down, Down, UpSing a high pitched note that makesopponent dizzy
Down, Down, AwayFakes dizziness, can be exited by pushing kick or punch
Down, Down, Toward (when close)Knee opponent in groin
Toward, Away, Toward, AwaySwivel hips and whistle at opponent. Opponent will automatically move close to be flipped and thrown.
Away, then arc to Down + AUppercut
Up, Up, BToe leap at opponent
Hold B + C and Down x3Drop back onto arms and perform flying kick at opponent
Away, then arc to Down + B + CDrop back onto arms and perform flying kick at opponent
Away then arc to UpSpin on one foot with arms outstretched
C, B at top of jumpGuide Divine to land on opponent and gnaw on the back of their head.
Down/Left + B + CSidestep to left
Down/Right + B + CSidestep to right
Down, B + CLow lunge kick
Away, Away, BSpring attack (jump away from opponent, then bounce back in a kick)
Toward, Toward, BSpring attack (jump away from opponent, then bounce back in a kick)
B (when close)Nutcracker
Down, Toward, ADucking uppercut
Down, Toward, BSide thrust kick
Away, Up, TowardBallet spin
Up, Left, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winSpanking
TauntCan't touch this
FatalityForgetful throw
Post-fatalityBalloon blow
Jester prizeRandom Boss
Up, AOverhead club
Away, Toward, AThrow loogie
Away, Up, ALoogie fly
B (when close)Tee off
Toward, Toward, AFencing
C, Down, DownFlying spear
Toward, Toward, TowardDuck, dive and roll
Down/Away + A + BBone sweep
Down, Down, A (when close)Groin attack
Toward, BLunging kick (impervious to ground attacks)
Toward + AJumping club attack
Down, UpClub uppercut
Left, Left, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winBaseball bash
FatalityStake driver
Post-fatalityPlay pool
Jester prizeT-Wrecks Boss
Toward, Toward, TowardBelly charge
Away, Away, CFlying somersault kick
Right, Right, BJump right then kick left
Left, Left, BJump left then kick right
B (when close)Hold opponent down and pummel them
Up, Up, CHover and meditate (heals, and may protect from ground attacks)
Up, Toward, AKarate chop
Away, Away, CFlip away, then do double flip at opponent
C, A + BSumo slam
Up, BFlip kick
Left, Right, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winSumo toss
TauntBelly grab
Jester prizeGuggler Boss
Toward, Toward, TowardCharge flip kick
Away, Away, AwaySuper retreat
C, B + C, tap CFlying/Hover
Toward, Toward, ASuper Blow
C + Down, DownJumps then performs flying kick
C, A + B (when close)Spinning pile driver
Up, Toward, AHead pound
Toward, Away, AUppercut
Away, Toward, CTorpedo
Away, Toward, ACrank right arm for a wind up
Away, arc to Down + BDrop back on arms and kick out at opponent
B (when close)Super punch
Right, Right, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winBicycle kick
TauntDefiant dare
FatalityUp, up, and away
Post-fatalityPlay baseball
Jester prizeLamprey Boss
Up, BBackflip
Up, AUppercut
Down, BLeg swing
Toward, Toward, TowardForward roll
Away, Away, AwayStun fart
C, Up, UpGrab bar and swing
Right, Right, BGrab pole and swing counter-clock-wise
Left, Left, BGrab pole and swing clock-wise
Right, Right, UpJump back and grab pole
Left, Left, UpJump back and grab pole
Toward, Up, UpSwing attack
B (when close)Dizzy throw
Up, Right, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winScrew opponent's head into ground
TauntSmell this
Jester prizeGuggler Boss
Away, Toward, BCoffin Chase
Away, Toward, AwaySpin
C + Down, DownJumping attack
Down, Down, BGrave digger
Away, Toward, ABoomerang
Up, Toward, AShoot eyeballs
B (when close)Pogo
Toward, Toward, BSomersault 1
Toward, Toward, TowardSomersault 2
Down, Toward, BPower kick
Up, ADucking punch
Down, Down, A + CMorphing move
Grapple winDeadly knee
FatalityZombie's minions
Post-fatalityGrave dance
Jester prizeBounder Boss


Down + A + BTail sweep
Down + B + CTail whip
Down + ADuck punch
Down + BDuck kick
C, AJump punch
C, BJump kick
Toward, Toward, TowardSpring roll
B (when close)Spin
Up, Up, Up, ATail bounce
A (when close)Chew and spit
BTail sweep
A + BStomp and chew
Down + BTail stomp
A (when far)Roar
A + BTaunt (Butt wiggle)
B + CFlip Kick
Down + BToss
Down + CHead in sand
Toward + CJump attack
Up + BJump turn kick
Toward + CSlither charge
Down + AMorph to Byte Viper
Left + AMorph to Spike
A + CMorph to El Ballz
CSlip flip
BForward punch and tail flip
Toward + ACorkscrew
El Ballz (the bull)
AHead butt
BHind leg kick
Up + ARear up
A + BMorph to Lamprey
Spike (the scorpion)
AGrab and sting
BTail strike
Toward + BSuper tail strike
Up + CJump flip
A + BLunge
B + CJumping sting
Down + AJumping arm attack
A + CMorph to Lamprey
Byte Viper (the snake)
BTail whip
CJump up
Toward + BRoll
Up + CDive into ground
Toward, A + BEat opponent
A + CMorph to Lamprey

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