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Play as Paul Bearer

Begin Road To Wreslemania as The Undertaker. Once you've completed several matches, Paul will accomapny you to the ring and become a selectable player.

Play as Stephanie McMahon

Begin Road To Wrestlemania as Test. After several bouts, Stephanie will accompany you to the ring and become a selectable character.

Play as Shawn Michaels

After you've made it to Wrestlemania, either defend or win the WWF title and Shawn will challenge you. If you win, he will become a selectable character.

Quick Specials

Hold the control stick to the right and watch the attitude meter soar up to special.

Steal Opponent's Finishing Move

Establish your dominance by humiliating your opponent by using his or her own finishing move against him/her. To do so, strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meter is flashing (see above), then press the analog-stick in any direction while simultaneously pressing A + B.

Steal Opponent's Taunt

Spin counter-clockwise on the analog stick, and you will perform one of your opponent's taunts.

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